US Warship Attack Group – Beijing Naval Base on SCS Island

(STL.News) SOUTH CHINA SEA military bases created by Beijing could be vulnerable to attack and indefensible if conflict were to break out over the hotly disputed waters, a report claimed. Tensions over the waters, which are described as the most lucrative in the world, have continually arisen, with China claiming sovereignty over much of the seas.  This has seen rows between China and neighboring countries, such as Vietnam and the Philippines, who argue Beijing has decimated industries such as fishing.

For years, China has created military bases and airstrips on islands and reefs that lie in the seas, yet many of these are miles away from Beijing – and each other.  And despite its growing occupancy, the China State Shipbuilding Corporation issued a damning assessment of what would happen to the lonely and distant bases should war break out.  The CSSC, which supplies China’s People’s Liberation Army, argued that the islands and reefs throughout the South China Sea. have unique advantages in safeguarding national sovereignty and maintaining a military presence.

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