Tunisian Embassy Clarifies Death Of Sourour

The Tunisian embassy in Brussels has announced that it will take all necessary steps to clarify the death of 46-year-old Sourour Abouda. The woman died a week ago in a Brussels police cell. Sourour’s former employer has now started a fundraising campaign to support the family.
The press release of the Tunisian Embassy was published by the website Tunisie Numerique and can also be read on the Facebook page of ‘Ambassade de Tunisie à Bruxelles’.
“The Embassy informs Tunisian nationals in Belgium that all necessary steps are being taken – in coordination with the Tunisian Consulate in Brussels and the Belgian authorities, but also with the family of the deceased – to find out the precise circumstances of the death of a Tunisian national,” can be read in the press release, among other things.
Fundraising Campaign

Sourour was born and raised in the City of Brussels and raised her 19-year-old son, Allan Abouda, alone. In the meantime, Sourour’s former employer, the socio-ecological organization Présence et Action Culturelles (PAC), started an online fundraising campaign to support her son.
At the time of writing, more than 10,000 euros in donations have already been collected. More than 250 people made a donation. The solidarity fund will also help Sourour’s family “with all steps and procedures related to her death,” it says.
On January 12, the 46-year-old woman died for unknown reasons in the police detention center in Koningsstraat. According to the first findings of the public prosecutor’s office, it would be suicide, but the family does not believe that version of the facts and is filing a civil suit.
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