Traveling for Safari, what you need to take and know

Traveling for Safari, what you need to take with you, what you need to know

(STL.News) Safari in Africa is an adventure that every thrill-seeker should experience.  And, if you are going to go, for example, to Tanzania, you need to collect the right clothes and remember a few essential nuances.

Preparing for a safari

If you’re not a professional hunter, we recommend not even thinking about a rifle and weapon sights.  After all, all this will be provided to you already in Africa.  Spend more time gathering clothes and a first aid kit.

In fact, preparing for a safari takes quite a bit of time.  Gathering a wardrobe and other things isn’t difficult if you follow our tips.

Please note that most likely you will fly to the safari site by a small private jet or even a helicopter.  Therefore, baggage should not exceed 20 kg. Also, remember that you will have to carry all the things with you.  Think twice about whether to take clothes that you will not need.  Also, in no case, do not take a suitcase on wheels.  A soft bag or a small backpack is sufficient.

What clothes to take on a safari?

The amount of clothing should depend on the length of the trip.  In any case, the wardrobe should have several shirts with short sleeves and the same number with long sleeves, shorts, and comfortable trousers.  Don’t forget headwear, such as a hat or cap. Be sure to bring a light scarf, a few sets of underwear, and socks.

If you are going on a safari from May to September, add two pairs of jackets to this list: a thick one and a light one.  You can also bring some sweaters and gloves.

Summer in Africa lasts from October to April.  The temperature at that time doesn’t fall below 20°.  So don’t forget your swimsuit. In case of rain, take a waterproof jacket with you.

All clothing should be neutral:

  • khaki;
  • olive green;
  • brown.

These colors will help you blend in with your surroundings.  White things are suitable for transport, but not for walking.  We recommend that you forget about black and other dark colors.  Such clothing may attract the attention of dangerous animals.

What not to take with you on a safari?

First, review your wardrobe.  It shouldn’t contain dark blue and black things.  Such colors attract flies that carry infections or bite very painfully.

Also, don’t bring jeans or even denim shorts.  These are uncomfortable clothes.  It will be hot during the day and cold at night.  And if you wet your jeans, they will take a very long time to dry.  In simple words: these are clothes for the city, but not for a safari.

Camouflage items are prohibited!  In Africa, such clothing is considered a sign of the military.  In some countries, you may be misunderstood.  Believe: you will not like the local prison!

And yet, we don’t recommend taking your weapon optics with you.  It may be illegal in some countries.

A few tips for your safari trip

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning your trip:

  • Prepare to dress in layers.  Climate and weather in Africa are very changeable: cool nights and hot days.  If you put on a thick jacket and scarf in the morning, you can take them off in the afternoon and feel comfortable.
  • Don’t forget your camera. It must be of good quality.  Of course, most modern smartphones take great photos.  But sometimes that’s not enough.  In addition to the camera, take a tripod, monopod and special filters (if possible), and memory cards.
  • If possible, buy binoculars. It’s advisable to bring it with you.  In Africa, such equipment is sold, but it will be very expensive.
  • Buy an action camera.  This isn’t required, but desirable.  There is no better technique for creating videos and short clips.
  • Please note that there are no sockets at the campsites!  Therefore, take with you a few power banks that are charged by sunlight.

If you follow our advice, you will remember the safari for a lifetime!