The Most Successful Student Startups

(STL.News) Young people seem to be the most ambitious representatives of humankind, so it is not surprising they do their best to come up with genius ideas and become rich.  Of course, often money is not the main driving force but rather a very pleasant bonus.  Many students try to balance work with studying and personal life, so they often turn to nursing writing services to keep up with the curriculum and still have enough free time for other activities.  Sometimes, young people try their hand at launching their own business. And even though it may seem a weird and unrealistic idea, you might be surprised to find out that a range of world-famous companies appeared thanks to university students.  Youth is a perfect time to follow your dreams and try out all the options you’ve made up.  If there is a problem, you should try to find a working solution.  There are too many successful student startups, so it is worth focusing on the most famous and brightest ones.

1. Google

Nowadays, people couldn’t even imagine how it would be possible to surf the Internet without Google.  It is the main search engine you turn to at the slightest opportunity.  It doesn’t matter whether you need help writing a paper, or you want to grab the cheapest airline tickets or find the answer to any possible question.  You use Google to meet these challenges.  Two Stanford University students created it about twenty-four years ago.  Their dorm room became their first head office and workplace.  The rough cut was named BackRub since the site allowed users to check out backlinks to assess the website’s value.  Its renewed version has got the name Google, in honor of the word “googol,” meaning a tremendously huge number.  It seems such a name really suits it much better.  The investors from Silicon Valley were impressed enough with the students’ startup idea, so they provided them with $100,000 to launch the business.  A ping pong table and a blue carpet remain symbols of their student life and can be found in their head office even today.  Today the company costs $300 billion.

2. Facebook

It is perhaps one of the most famous student startups worldwide since almost all active internet users are familiar with Facebook.  The website appeared seventeen years ago in a dorm room at Harvard University when a company of friends decided to connect students from their university via an online community.  It is interesting that the appearance and initial development of the website went along with scandals.  Everything started with the online game in which students compared pics of their mates and decided who looked hotter.  The problem was that one of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had hacked the university’s security system and stolen the ID photos.  In general, the idea of identification others by pics has become the foundation of the website.

3. Snapchat

This popular app was created by Stanford University students twenty years ago.  Initially, it was designed as a part of a home task when they presented an app that provides a wonderful chance to exchange weird and stupid pics with friends that can be easily deleted.  In other words, you don’t need to worry about inappropriate content on your profile that can somehow interfere with getting a cool job.  The co-founder said that this app was created specifically for communication with friends when you can freely share your emotions and feelings even if they are beyond the pale.  The statistics have shown that the application can boast of about 230 million active users daily.

4. Reddit

Every student who has ever tried to find reviews, get a speedypaper discount code, or some other useful info visited this website.  It represents a wonderful combination of social networking, news, and discussions.  Initially, two students studying at the University of Virginia decided to develop an app for sandwich delivery.  However, later they updated their intentions and created something really outstanding.  It is a website of social news visited by more than 450 million users every month.  If you register on the website, you will be able to post links to any web pages you liked.  The platform maintains the voting system, so the most interesting and popular posts go to the website’s homepage.

5. FedEx

A Yale University student launched this company fifty years ago. The very startup idea of creating the overnight shipping service appeared thanks to his economics classes at university.  The young man believed that an airfreight company could become a profitable business by itself, and his right conclusions made this startup one of the biggest and most successful express shipping services.  He managed to start a company thanks to his $4 million heirdom from his dad and more than $90 million in risk capital.  Even though he lost a part of this money at the very beginning, he didn’t give up and develop the company into a profitable business.

6. WordPress

Another student startup that has managed to turn into a world-famous company was created at the University of Houston eighteen years ago.  One of the students was working on developing a 2b engine, and when his mates joined him, they decided to use the original software as its foundation.  Today, it is far beyond a blogging platform.  In general, about 67% of websites on the web are functioning on the WordPress engine.