The Best Tips for Planning Your Corporate Christmas Party

(STL.News) The holidays are upon us once again, and we can all agree that this year’s holidays are a far cry from last year’s – and it’s all the more reason to rejoice.  If you’re set on having the best corporate Christmas party ever, it’s in the cards – and you have to make the right choices when it comes to your Christmas party’s elements.  An office or corporate Christmas party is one of the best ways through which you can show your employees that you appreciate all their efforts, and it’s their satisfaction that’s your ultimate goal.  But how can you make sure that everyone will love your Christmas party and not think of it as a dull and unforgettable affair?  Indeed, a lot is at stake, so here are the best tips for planning your corporate Christmas party this year.

Ask for volunteers

Whilst you may be able to do everything on your own, it pays to ask for volunteers for one simple reason: they can give you insight on what would work with most – if not all – the people in your workforce.  Your volunteers can help you with brainstorming party ideas, and of course, they’re there to help with the logistics and what-not as well.  Also, sharing party planning responsibilities is an excellent way to lessen your – and everyone else’s – stress, which means you are more likely to organize a party with better results.

Pick your venue carefully

Since last year was a complete bummer as far as parties were concerned, you have the unique chance to make it good this year.  In fact, you can make it brilliant just with your choice of the venue alone.  Whilst holding your Christmas party in the office may be fine, you may want to splurge a little bit and get to know your employees in a different, more fun setting.

There are plenty of affordable choices for venues nowadays, from pubs to comedy clubs and even house rentals.  Still, you can also pick other venues like a garden or even a field or park where you can have a uniquely fun day with your employees and their families.  You can plan a Christmas party with kids in mind and make it different from the usual office Christmas party where everyone gets drunk and goes home.  Some companies have opted to host family Christmas parties where employees and their brood are all invited.  One excellent idea for a theme would be a fairground theme complete with stalls and rides, which a fairground hire company can quickly fix for you.

Set a great theme

As mentioned, you can have a fairground theme – which would be excellent if you want your employees to have fun with their loved ones.  It’s a brilliant way to show you care when you include those who aren’t traditionally invited to office Christmas affairs!

The point about holiday themes is that they should be silly and lighthearted, and you can ask your staff to dress up in ugly Christmas jumpers, dress up like elves, Santa Claus, reindeer, or snowmen, and so on.

With the right theme, your office Christmas party could be truly unforgettable – and you can add even more excitement with contests, sing-alongs, and fantastic Christmas-themed food.