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St. Louis, MO/December 4, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) – Every neighborhood has a favorite burger joint.  In South St. Louis, that’s the city’s original “burger bar,” Stacked at 7637 Ivory Street.  It sits in the Patch at the southern tip of the Carondelet Neighborhood, in the Ivory Triangle—an intersection of several streets jutting off in different directions.  Stacked Burger Bar is about a block west of the Ivory Theatre (the old St. Boniface Catholic Church).  The burger bar is as quirky as the neighborhood that surrounds it.

Stacked is a fairly large restaurant with two different addresses (the result of its location).  Inside, you’ll find a long, winding dining room that wraps around two sides of the building.  There’s also a full bar, game room, and a private dining room.  It’s a casual, friendly place, with an inviting, neighborly ambiance.

Three years ago, owners Matt Windisch and Sam Siebenman took the former the Ivory Coast Bistro and gave it a makeover.  Tapping the talents of Chef Laura Borghardt, they shifted the focus to burgers.  But this isn’t just any old bar and grill.  Stacked’s burger bar concept is reminiscent of the sushi bar concept.  Using little paper order forms on each table, customers choose every component of their custom burger.  With more than seven different patties available (including bean, and grass fed beef (from Boeckmann Family Farms in Loose Creek, Missouri), plus six buns, seven different cheeses, ten sauces, and dozens of other toppings available, there are literally hundreds of possible combinations.

There are thirteen signature burgers on the Stacked menu, giving diners some chef-created combinations.  Most of the signature burgers start with ground chuck, but each is done up in a uniquely Stacked style.  They’re topped with everything from BBQ brisket and crispy onions, to pepper jack cheese and roasted corn guacamole.  A popular choice you won’t find anywhere else is The Goat.  It’s ground chuck on brioche that’s topped with goat cheese and their own onion jam.  The BLT is an instant classic with its garlic roasted tomatoes, spring mix, and bacon maple jam on Texas toast.  Yes, they have bacon maple jam.

Ever consider asking for strawberry maple jam on your burger?  On the Wakey Wakey, a rich 60 percent beef, 40 percent pork burger with American cheese and a fried egg on buttered Texas toast, it’s a natural.  Have it with or without bacon (locally sourced from Wenneman’s Meat Company in St Libory, Illinois).  But seriously, why would you skip the bacon?

If you love great pork, then you’ll want to try The Hairy Pig.  It’s made with a Mangalitsa pork patty (again from Boeckmann Family Farms), a super marbled, super tasty, high-fat pork originating in eastern Europe.  They stack the pork burger with savory apple butter, and braised red cabbage on brioche.  You can have it with or without cheddar.

For the non-carnivorous appetite, there’s a black bean burger you can dress any way you want, but the signature Herbivore is a thoughtful and tasty way to do it.  It’s Stacked’s black bean patty with spinach, pepper jack cheese, and their just-spicy-enough chipotle aioli on a wheat bun.  You can add guacamole for 75-cents.

No wonder their customers love them.  Their 4.0 star rating after 280 reviews was enough to put this South City burger bar sixth on our list of the Top 10 Best Burgers in St. Louis, and they were the only south side restaurant to make the top 10.  With thousands of burger offerings around the metro area, that’s saying something!

2013 interview with Matt & Laura on the Martin Kilcoin Show on KTRS-AM

The appetizer menu at Stacked is a great place to start your meal, but you might want to share, since the portions (especially the burgers) are large.  The app choices range from wings (hot, parmesan garlic, or BBQ), and Bavarian Pretzels (served with spicy beer mustard or three-cheese sauce) to Buffalo Chips (fresh potato chips topped with blue cheese crumbles, celery slaw, and drizzled with hot sauce) and their signature Guacamole Bites.  They’re fried wontons filled with Stacked’s own roasted corn guacamole and served with ranch dipping sauce.

Stacked Burger Bar also offers a well stocked bar, with more than 20 bottled beers; a couple dozen bourbons, whiskeys and Scotches; a nice selection of wines; and cocktails, including several signature drinks.  For a cocktail that doubles as dessert, try the Mad Cow, which is Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout topped with Stacked’s Udder Shock Ice Cream.  Or for something a little lighter, try The Ivory Street Fizz, a clever combination of champagne, sugar cube and fruit flavored liqueur in your choice of pear, blueberry, peach, orange, raspberry or blackberry.

If you want a real dessert, they’ve got that covered too.  Have a scoop of Serendipity ice cream in Tahitian Vanilla Bean or their signature Udder Shock.  Chef Borghardt describes the flavor she developed with Serendipity as a bold and flavorful combination of vanilla, coffee, and spices.  You can also choose from an assortment of ice cream floats, or try the Apple Pie Bites (like little apple wontons served with vanilla ice cream).  Or if you want real decadence, then the Bourbon Bacon Caramel Brownie is for you.  It’s a fresh chocolate brownie and the Udder Shock Ice Cream drizzled with bourbon bacon caramel sauce.

Stacked Burger Bar is open for lunch, dinner, and pretty much any time you want a really great burger from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.  The bar is open an extra hour, so you can get a late evening meal and wash it down with that dessert cocktail!

With all of these choices, it would take dozens of visits to this gem in the Ivory Triangle to get a real sampling of what Stacked Burger Bar has to offer.  Maybe that’s the whole point. Of course, you don’t have to go to a burger bar to get a great burger.  But when you want a great burger and you live in a universe that includes Stacked, why wouldn’t you go?

Contact Information:

Stacked STL
Owners: Matt Windisch and Sam Siebenman
Executive Chef: Laura Borghardt
7637 Ivory Street
Saint Louis, MO 63111
Carondelet/Patch Neighborhood
(314) 544-4900


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