Steven Stenger, St. Louis County Executive

Steven Stenger, St. Louis County Executive, is an American attorney and Democratic politician.

Steve Stenger is an attorney and Democratic politician, currently serving as the St. Louis County Executive, and has been in that position since January 2015.

Stenger was born in the St. Louis Hills, located in the SW portion of St. Louis, Missouri.  Stenger was raised in Affton, Missouri and his father was a union telephone employee with Southwestern Bell.  Stenger graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School and performed in local bands. Stenger majored in accounting while attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis and went to St. Louis University law school.  After college at Ernst & Young, he practiced law and accounting, later starting his own firm, Klar, Izsak, and Stenger, where he remains a partner.

From 2005 to 2008, Stenger was the prosecuting attorney for a city government.  Served as St. Louis County Council from 2009 to 2015.  Stenger represented the sixth district with more than 145,000 residents in South St. Louis County.  Stenger became Chairman of the Council in 2011, followed by defeating Charlie Dooley for St. Louis County Executive.  Stenger has been St. Louis County Executive since 2015.

Stenger has been married to Allison Stenger since 2009.

Update: Stenger has pleaded guilty to federal charges involving federal corruption charges after resigning from his position.

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