Starting a Business? The Keys to Becoming More Profitable

(STL.News) The new year means new trends, new gadgets, and fresh ways of selling.  For owners of small businesses, there are several ways to catch the upswing in interest for several products and services.  You don’t need to be a major retailer or service provider to latch onto hot products, add a few things to your offerings, and enhance your bottom line.  But what if you’re just starting out and still in the decision phase about what to sell or what kinds of specialty services you’ll provide?  Here are some suggestions that can help you get off on the right foot and make your first year as a business owner a profitable one.

Sell Craft-Related Products

One of the unexpected developments since the coronavirus pandemic struck has been the increased interest in crafts, craft kits, and how-to craft videos and books. With so many people confined to their homes during lock-downs all over the world, consumers have discovered the joy of making things the old-fashioned way. Especially popular are jewelry-making, painting, quilting, and pottery.  The DIY markets in these fields is growing so fast that sellers can hardly keep up.  New owners who offer custom craft products stand to do well in 2021 and beyond.

Build Lead-Generation Websites

One of the fastest-growing segments of the online economy is in lead generation.  Think of it as a sort of supercharged version of affiliate marketing. In essence, your sole job is to funnel customers to other business owners, for which you get a finder’s fee, or commission.  To begin, you can sign up for one or more affiliate programs with major service providers or retailers.  Then, get busy building a niche website that contains high-quality content based on the principles of intent SEO.

Your main efforts, after getting the sites set up, will be crafting regular posts, articles, reports, and other content that includes the right number of intent SEO keywords.  For instance, if your site aims to send clients to a top law firm, an intent SEO keyword might be “hire a lawyer, “find attorneys,” or something similar.  Intent focuses on the idea of honing in on the actual intention of the prospective clients.  Writing your content in this way can boost your affiliate revenue and help you outrank your competitors in the niche.  If you want to learn more, schedule your consultation with one of our representatives today.

Be a Social Media Advisor/Expert

Since the global economy was hit by the COVID pandemic, many people have started working at home permanently.  Many others have lost their jobs in industries hardest hit by the crisis.  That means there’s a need for social media expertise.  If you already have it, you’re ahead of the game.  If not, consider brushing up your skills and selling your services to those who are new at marketing themselves on the internet.

Create and Sell Educational Courses

Another hot product category that appeared as a direct result of virus lock-downs is educational courses.  Consider having someone film you as you deliver a carefully scripted course on a topic you
know well.  Then, offer the course for sale on one of the top learning websites.