St. Louis Restaurant News – Top 10 Burger Restaurants in St. Louis

Updated Top 10 Burger Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri based solely on more than 3,800 customer online reviews

ST LOUIS, MO – Our last article about “The Top 10 Burger Joints in St. Louis” was published several months ago.  We wanted to take a look to see if there had been any changes.  As you can see, our prestigious list has changed significantly, with 8 new restaurants and 2 returning, showing an impressive dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Top 10 Burger Restaurants in St. Louis are:

  1. Stacked STL – #1 of 284 results with 198 reviews
  2. Fitz’s – #2 of 284 results with 1,043 reviews
  3. Bailey’s Range – #3 of 284 results with 640 reviews
  4. Hendel’s Restaurant – #4 of 284 results with 425 reviews
  5. Hi-Pointe Drive-In – #5 of 284 results with 85 reviews
  6. 5 Star Burgers – Clayton – #6 of 284 results with 105 reviews
  7. Sugarfire Smoke House – #7 of 284 results with 284 results with 790 reviews
  8. J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood – #8 of 284 results with 180 reviews
  9. Brasserie by Niche – #9 of 284 results with 240 reviews
  10. Twisted Tree – #10 of 284 results with 149 reviews

We want to welcome back Stacked STL and Sugarfire Smoke House from our previous list.  All of the other restaurants on the list are new to our list of Top 10 Burger Restaurants in St. Louis.

We would like to point out that Fitz’s, #2 on our list, has the most reviews, with 1,043 reviews, making their average rating of 4.5 Stars.  The breakdown is 509 Excellent, 361 Very Good, 130 Average, 23 Poor and only 15 Terrible.  Logically, the more ratings there are, the more reliable the average rating is.

Our rankings are based solely on more than 3,800 public online customer reviews.  This list is created by their customers, not biased based on ad revenue or personal opinion.

History of the Hamburger

It is unclear when hamburgers were popularized.  However, according to Wikipedia, the popular book “The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy” by Hannah Glasse included a recipe in 1758 as “Hamburgh sausage”, which suggested to serve it “roasted with toasted bread under it”.

Wikipedia has more regarding the History of the Hamburger.

Note: review data is based on a snap-shot of online reviews analyzed on October 21, 2018 at 6:30 am.  Rankings will change as customer reviews are posted.  We will keep the list updated several times throughout the year.