St. Louis factory building to become loft high-rise

St. Louis, MO: (STLRealEstate.News) A 100-year old St. Louis factory that once housed roaring printing machines in a dusky environment may now play home to eye-catching, lofty, high-rise apartments soon.  The Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co. building at 1519 Tower Grove Avenue this week announced conversion as housing is planning for the once bustling factory site.  Pier Property Group, a brand new St. Louis-based real estate company, announced they are in hopes to complete the purchase of the 250,000-square-foot building in March to begin the total renovation into 160 loft-style apartments.

The first units could be available for residents as early as late spring 2018.

Pier’s founder, Michael Hamburg, stated that the $30 million to $35 million project in total would be titled Woodward Lofts.  The project, he says, would help connect the rapidly growing Grove neighborhood to the north and areas to south, which include the likes of Botanical Heights and the Shaw neighborhood.  As Hamburg puts it, the project would “be an infill anchor between all those areas.”

A local St. Louis architectural firm, Trivers Associates, states that the early 20th century daylight factory design incorporated in the location will translate perfectly into designed Woodward Lofts’ modern apartments.  The daylight design also calls for heavy factory rehab, reinforced concrete floors, and columns permits to alter the huge window and clerestories that admit daylight deep into the building’s interior.

Rewind 100 years ago, Ford’s gigantic Model T that factory opened in 1910 in Highland Park, Michigan, epitomized the open daylight design, which quickly spread to all other industrial areas of the time.  The building at 1519 Tower Grove Avenue was no exception, and the central daylight inclusion design will make for incredibly beautiful and naturally lit high-rise apartments. Klipstein & Rathmann, a prominent St. Louis architectural firm, will design the total building conversion.

Contributing Editor: Alexandra R. Fasulo