Rockaway Beach, Missouri

Rockaway Beach is a city located in the state of Missouri.  It is part of Taney County, located in the southwestern portion of the state.  The 2015 population of Taney County was 54,592, while the population of Rockaway Beach in 2016 was 864, making it a tiny city in the county.  Rockaway Beach lies along the White River, a 722-mile river that runs through Arkansas and Missouri.  The city is well known for its beaches along the shoreline.

History and Geography of Rockaway Beach, Missouri

The history of Rockaway Beach dates back to somewhere around 1933 when a post office was opened and operated under the name Rockaway Beach.  However, the original start of the city came when a developer purchased the land that was supposedly rumored to become the shore of Lake Taneycomo, a man-made lake on the White River.

In total, Rockaway Beach encompasses only 0.69 square miles.  Of those 0.69 square miles, 0.61 square miles are of land, and only 0.08 square miles are of water.  The city sits at an elevation of 722 feet.


The census conducted in 2000 found that the population of Rockaway Beach was only 577 residents.  Those 577 people made up 274 households and 169 families.  The racial makeup of Rockaway Beach in the year 2000 was found to be almost entirely white, making up 96.4% of the total population.  It was also found that African Americans made up 0.17%, Native Americans made up 0.87%, and Hispanic or Latinos made up 1.56%.  The census also found that 0.52% of the population was from other race that was not specified, and 2.08% of the population came from two or more races.

In 2000, it was found that only 18% of the population was under the age of 18 years old whereas 4.2% of the population was between the ages of 18 and 24, 24.1% of the population was between the ages of 25 and 44, 30.7% of the population was between the ages of 45 and 64 and 23.1% of the population was above of the age of 65 years old. In addition, the census found the medium income for each household of Rockaway County in 2000 was $33,359.

The census conducted in 2010 found an increase in population size since 2000, with 841 people residing in Rockaway County.  Those 841 people were found to make up 365 households and 222 families.  The city’s racial makeup was very much the same as in 2000, with Whites making up 96.1%.  It was also found that African Americans made up 0.7%, Native Americans made up 1%, Pacific Islanders made up 0.6%, and Hispanic or Latinos made up 2%. Those of two or more races made up 1.3% of the population, and 0.4% of the population was from another race that was not identified by the census.

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