Reusable Nylon Capes vs Wasteful and Expensive Disposable Capes

Reusable Nylon Capes vs Wasteful and Expensive Disposable Capes

(STL.News) As a hair salon professional, you can either use disposable capes or reusable capes for hairdressing purposes.  So, do you prefer expensive, wasteful, flimsy disposable capes that will last you one cut or color or a sturdy, nylon reusable cape?

At a glance, disposable capes seem to be a quick fix inexpensive long term solution.  Since you throw them away after a haircut, they also appear to be hygienic.  But they are far from being the best!

Each disposable cape that you throw away ends up as plastic garbage that chokes the planet.  And when you get rid of 20-30 disposable capes each day, you add to the existing environmental crisis.

Disposable capes are not only unsustainable but are unhygienic as well.

Have you considered how unhealthy it is to stuff used capes in the trash multiple times a day and leave them there till you finally empty the trash?  By doing so, aren’t you exposing yourself and your customers to germs and increasing the risk of infection?

I understand that disposable capes appear to be the best alternative for the time being and for many reasons.  You will need access to a washer and dryer to offer clean reusable capes to your clients.  Most barber shops do not have a washer or dryer on site.  Some shops are small and do not have the space to add a washer or dryer.  Plumbing is not cheap, how much should it cost a beauty professional to return to their workplace?

How much and how far will a barber or stylist have to go to service their client post COVID-19?  Will they have to spend almost $10,000 per year or more on disposable capes?  Will they have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase new appliances?  Will they have to pay contractors a hefty fee just to keep a cape clean.  Many small business won’t have the funds to make some of the changes that many states are requiring in order to open their doors.

Capes By Sheena nylon cape is a healthy alternative solution to wasteful disposable capes.  I offer a far better solution in the form of quality nylon capes.  My capes are made from nylon, which is sturdy and durable.  They are reusable and can be easily sanitized using a spray disinfectant or machine washed on a warm gentle cleaning cycle and dried with heat.

In the beginning, quality nylon capes will initially cost more than disposable capes.  However, they are very cost-effective as they last for years and offer excellent value for money.  Also, you will need fewer pieces since you can use the spray disinfectant process or wash and reuse them again and again.

Nylon capes from Capes by Sheena will help you save money, effort, and resources.  But more importantly, these capes go a long way towards delivering better customer experiences.  Don’t have your customers looking in the mirror wondering if that water or hair dye is going to slide down the disposable cape on to their clothes.  Reusable nylon capes are a win-win for both hair professionals and their wallets.

-Capes By Sheena