Paywitty: Here’s a one-page Instagram checkout platform to eliminate cart abandonment

~ Paywitty enables brands and sellers to get more conversions and reduce cart abandonment by starting a new revolution of #buy it.

~ Paywitty is a one-page checkout service that lets sellers sell faster on social media.  The buyers can buy products and services by just commenting #buy on Instagram posts.

~ Paywitty provides a Fast Checkout link to directly sell to the customers inside Instagram comments, Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp.

~ Paywitty offers an AI-powered Buyer Intellisense feature that helps you to engage your customers and sell more.  It speeds up checkout by spontaneously responding to comments on your posts from potential buyers.

~ Paywitty is a secure payment solution enabling stores to get sales conversions from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp through comments and a fast checkout link.

(STL.News) One contributor to lost sales in the e-commerce industry is cart abandonment.  Three out of four visitors never turn into customers.  The e-commerce industry suffers a huge revenue loss of around $4.6 trillion every year, and the cart abandonment rate is 69.80%.  The problem is enormous and is yet to be solved by the industry as a whole.  Most users get lost along the way and abandon carts due to the long and complicated checkout process.  Here’s a platform that wants to tackle this problem: Paywitty is a one-page checkout service that lets sellers sell smarter and faster on social media.

Imagine buying something using just a hashtag.  Yes, it is possible.  Paywitty lets your customers buy everything quickly using a hashtag on Instagram without leaving it.  The buyers just have to comment #buy on the Instagram post and checkout using the link-in-bio.  Paywitty reduces the steps required by a buyer to purchase on Instagram.  Selling products and services online was never so easy, but Paywitty makes it possible in a jiffy.

Paywitty allows you to sell without a website with its Fast Checkout page.  The Fast Checkout link empowers you to directly sell to the customers within Instagram comments, Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp.  The buyers can avoid the complex processes and checkout in one step reducing cart abandonment.  It’s a platform where you post it, they see it, and they #buy it.

Paywitty also offers an AI-powered Buyer Intellisense feature to help brands and online stores focus on Instagram comments with intents to buy.  Instagram businesses with a lot of followers usually have tons of comments on every single post and it has always been hard for them to find real customers with intentions to buy from them buried in the comment section.  Paywitty finds these prospects and allows you to follow up and convert them easily from a dashboard.  Its AI-powered technology speeds up checkout by spontaneously responding to comments on your posts from potential buyers that are not reachable until now.  Its instant communication drives impulse buying through social validation and urgency.

Social media platforms like Instagram are wildly popular, and their growth trajectory shows no signs of falling.  The opportunities are abundant to leverage the platform and sell your products as Paywitty helps eliminate the biggest problem.  It is on a mission to eradicate cart abandonment and transform the e-commerce industry.

“We know brands and sellers online want to sell to their visitors more than just visiting their e-commerce platform.  Knowing this, we challenge ourselves to offer solutions to boost e-commerce sales while driving brand value by providing innovative solutions to solve every cause of cart abandonment.” – Dele Michael, Co-founder at Paywitty.

Paywitty is easy to use, and every seller can quickly get a Fast Checkout link. Here’s how to sell using Paywitty:

  • Simply create an account using an email ID or connect your Instagram business account.  Paywitty then gives you the capacity to turn your Instagram posts into shoppable posts.
  • The buyers can place an order by commenting #buy on your Instagram post.  Paywitty’s smart AI detects comments on Instagram posts and automatically places an order. Paywitty also guides buyers to use the link-in-bio to checkout.
  • Paywitty uses Stripe integration for secure payments.  The payments are immediately transferred to the seller’s Stripe account.
  • Paywittly helps the buyers track the orders online.
  • It provides the sellers with a free Paywitty storefront, a replica of the seller’s Instagram page.  The storefront helps Instagram followers to find products and checkout easily.

This is not the first time a startup has tried to solve cart abandonment, but Dallas-based Paywitty is the only platform that offers true fast checkouts with just one step.  It is optimized for quick loading and is the world’s first platform where buyers can add more items on the checkout page without refreshing it.  Paywitty doesn’t charge any monthly fees or listing fees.  It charges a flat 3% transaction processing fee on a per-sale basis.

E-commerce growth is at an all-time high, and Paywitty’s effortless one-page checkout is designed to accelerate sales and avoid a downshift in your online business.

Please find the link to Paywitty’s Instagram integration features here.

Please find a link to the Fast Checkout demo video here.

About Us:

Paywitty is a perfect platform for aspiring online sellers on social media.  Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter are income sources to billions of people worldwide who sell unique items and services.  At Paywitty, we strive to make your products and services shoppable easily with our Fast Checkout and comment buying.

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