New Twitter rules on the way to help with harassment

New Twitter rules on the way to help with harassment

December 31, 2017 (STL.News) Twitter, like most social platforms today, is home to some serious bullying and argumentative banter between users every single day. For some reason, Twitter brings out the worst in people, as the platform’s singular 140-character Tweet bloats egos and fuels the flames for those who consider themselves “intellects.” Not to mention, women launched a #WomenBoycottTwitter hashtag recently in the wake of continued sexual and cruel harassment from men to women on the social media platform.

Founder and CEO of twitter, Jack Dorsey, said the social media platform would announce new rules centered on “unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual nudity, hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorify violence.” Dorsey stated, “We want to take a more aggressive stance in our rules and how we enforce them.”

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Dorsey did not give a timeline for when these new rules would be put into place. He said they would drop in the next few weeks, and be aimed at immediately curbing the harassment that is dominating the platform. Twitter also said in a statement to CNNMoney recently that they could not provide any more details on the timeline as of Saturday evening. Dorsey made the statement hours after the hashtag surfaced Friday.

Actress Rose McGowan’s Twitter was temporarily blocked last week for calling out Weinstein’s sexual assault advancements. Since then, the Weinstein case blew up into what is a full-fledged investigation, not providing a good look for Twitter in recent past.

Earlier this year, Twitter attempted to roll out new tools preventing serial abusers from creating new accounts, a new “safe search” function and blocking potentially abusive and low-quality tweets from appearing in conversations. However, Dorsey did admit that the platform has not done nearly enough to curb the level of abuse and sexual misconduct that occurs every single second through the app. He confirmed that Twitter is also reconsidering verification policies.


By Alexandra R. Fasulo – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC (MS)

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