New Nephrology Care Alliance generates interest from over 500 physicians

(STL.News) – Nephrology Care Alliance (NCA), a new entity seeking to empower physicians to succeed in a changing health care environment, announced that it has confirmed interest from over 500 nephrologists to participate in the NCA platform, covering both chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients.  NCA is a physician-led entity, governed by physicians and backed by DaVita. NCA seeks to enable value-based kidney care by supporting practice transformation and creating a convening entity for commercial payor and Medicare programs.

With both the capabilities and the contracts to enable value-based care, NCA is well positioned to create a new level of quality care for patients with CKD.

“The time is now and the stars are aligned to develop integrated, value-based care for our vulnerable patients with advanced chronic kidney disease,” said Dr. Robert Lynn, managing owner of Kidney Medical Associates, PLLC and clinical associate professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  “We look forward to leveraging the expertise in ESRD management, patient education and predictive analytics that our partner DaVita brings to the alliance.  This collaboration will revolutionize the care of our patients.”

NCA has launched pilot programs, creating performance-based incentives to reward high quality CKD care and seeks to participate in additional CKD and ESRD value-based kidney care programs with commercial and Medicare Advantage plans in 2020.  Additionally, NCA is reviewing the recently announced CMMI demonstration programs to determine if they are viable models to support the goals of value-based kidney care.  NCA will also support the continued enhancement of its suite of predictive analytics and population health tools to assist physicians in delivering the right care to the highest risk patients.


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