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Hot Box Cookies is Giving Them Away!

St. Louis, MO/December 2, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) – National Cookie Day is fast approaching and St. Louis’ favorite cookie delivery company is ready!  Sunday, December 4 is National Cookie Day.  The “holiday” was added to the official list of Food Days in 1987 and has been celebrated around the world since.  Columbia, Missouri-based Hot Box Cookies has been celebrating it since opening in October of 2008, and they’ll have warm cookies waiting for you this year too.

Hot Box Cookies was the dream child of then 20-year-old college student Corey Rimmel.  While he was a sophomore at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Rimmel got the urge for warm cookies one evening.  He told friends that he wished he could just pick up the phone or go online and order fresh cookies to be delivered, the same way he ordered pizza.  He began joking that he should start a company so he and others could get fresh cookies delivered, especially late nights.

What started as a joke, soon became a reality.  After careful research and networking with some business mentors, Hot Box Cookies opened its first store in Columbia, Missouri, but quickly grew.  There are now three additional locations, one in Lawrence, Kansas (which opened near KU in 2013), and two in the St. Louis area.  The CWE store opened in January 2015, and the newest location in Clayton turned the ovens on last summer.

Each location has a storefront where walk-in customers can get their cookie fix.  But the real magic of Hot Box is that you can order online or by phone, and for $3, they’ll bring warm cookies to you, even late nights!  Both St. Louis locations open at 10 a.m. Monday – Friday, and noon on weekends.  They’re open late too!  They’re open until midnight Sunday – Thursday, and until 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

In honor of National Cookie Day, Hot Box Cookies is giving away two free chocolate chip cookies from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.  To get them, just follow one of their social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.  Then make a post and tag Hot Box Cookies.  Order online or by phone, or drop by their Central West End store at 3 N Euclid Ave., St. Louis or the Clayton store at 9 N Central Ave., Clayton and claim your warm, yummy goodies!

Beside chocolate chip cookies, Hot Box has ten classic cookies available every day, including oatmeal, with raisins or chocolate chips, plus snickerdoodles, peanut butter, M&M, and monster cookies.  They also offer specialty cookies like red velvet and chocolate white chocolate. Buy them individually or by the dozen.  They’ll even deliver the milk for your cookies!  And there’s a secret to having those delicious, warm, chewy Hot Box Cookies any time, even outside their delivery area.  You won’t find it on their menu, but if you ask, they’ll sell you frozen cookie dough pucks so you can bake them yourself.  Don’t tell anyone, though. It’s a secret.

As if regular cookies aren’t celebratory enough, Hot Box also makes 12-inch cookie cakes.  These are decorated with frosting—including your special message—and can be gift packaged with cards, ribbons and even a balloon!  You can also have your cookies made into an Icing Sandwich (two cookies with icing sandwiched between them).  Or make it an Ice Cream Sandwich, with their deliciously creamy ice cream (Madagascar Vanilla, Gooey Butter Cake, and Salted Caramel) sandwiched between two fresh cookies of your choice.

If you don’t live or work in one of their delivery areas, you can still order online and pick up your cookies at your local Hot Box Cookies store.  What better way to celebrate National Cookie Day than with warm, delicious, chocolate chip cookies from Hot Box Cookies?  Did we mention that they’re free?

Contact Information:

Hot Box Cookies
Owner: Corey Rimmel
Central West End
3 N Euclid Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (314) 899-0909


9 N Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105
Phone: (314) 899-0909

Original location:
1013 E Broadway
Columbia MO 65201
Phone: (573) 777-8777
Email: [email protected]


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