National Average Gas Price – 03/09/22

National Average Gas Price (NAGP) for March 9, 2022 – US gas prices increase to $4.252, and will likely continue to rise until America returns to energy independence.

(STL.News) According to AAA, the National Average Gas Price (NAGP) has increased from $4.17 yesterday to $4.252 today.

Biden announced yesterday that the US was banning Russian oil, which we support, but Americans can expect more increases until this political and economic debacle is resolved.

 The national average for regular gas is as follows:

  • March 9, 2022: $4.252
  • March 8, 2022: $4.17

Recent prices:

  • One Week Ago: $3.656
  • One Month Ago: $3.469
  • One year ago: $2.796

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) President & CEO Barry Russell issued the following statement before the recent State of the Union address:

One of the world’s most powerful tactics against rising energy costs is secure, affordable, reliable American oil and natural gas production.  The United States is a global leader in oil and natural gas production, and this should be encouraged.  But, recently, federal regulations and policies seem to ignore this opportunity.  Just two years ago, and throughout the pandemic, oil prices crashed, even to negative levels.  Allegations about price gouging, which have been manufactured for decades, are false and unconstructive.  America’s oil and natural gas companies stand ready for more responsible energy production here at home, for our nation and our worldwide allies; but those calls seem to go unanswered.  And this creates much uncertainty for companies that need to plan projects that may take a year or more.  It won’t be immediate, but now is the time to create solutions that get the nation back on track to energy and national security.”

NOTE: We support a “green agenda.”  However, the world political stage has changed over the past year.  Our energy policy needs to change to support the new political and economic environment.  Again, until America becomes energy independent, prices will continue to increase, eating away at American budgets and wealth.  The administration could change their political and economical approach that changes the world forever.