Missouri Lottery News: Rushville Man, Tanner Killoren Mistakes $100,000 For $20,000

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – On May 24, after a late night shift, Tanner Killoren headed to a gas station and picked up $16 worth of Scratchers tickets.  He won a total of $18 on the first group and decided to try his luck again.  This time, he included the purchase of a “$500 In A Flash” Scratchers ticket and uncovered a top prize of $100,000.

“I was in the parking lot when I won.  I rolled up my windows and peeled out,” laughed the Rushville resident.  “But when I scratched it, I only scratched the first spot, and it showed $20,000.  Well, I didn’t even scratch the rest.”

Killoren headed to his friend’s house who urged him to scratch the rest of the $5 Scratchers ticket.  This is when he realized he won $100,000, five times the amount he originally thought.

“It’s pretty exciting. The highest I have ever won before was $200,” said Killoren, who plans to put it in savings and wait about a year to use it as a big down payment on a house.

Killoren purchased his winning Scratchers ticket at Culver Petroleum, 6401 Memorial Highway, in St. Joseph.

“$500 In A Flash” is the $5 ticket in the “Cash In A Flash” family of Scratchers released on Dec. 26, 2017.  More than $5.8 million in total prizes remain in the game.


SOURCE: news provided by MOLOTTERY.COM on June 7, 2018