Missouri Lottery: $50,000 Scratchers Prize Won by Kristi Lybarger in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO (STL.News) Kristi Lybarger of Kansas City was recently surprised when she uncovered the top prize on a Missouri Lottery “$50,000 Crossword Extra” Scratchers game.  She purchased the winning ticket at Phillips 66, 6250 NW Barry Road, in Kansas City.

After purchasing the ticket, Lybarger took it home to play.  When she finished, she realized she had uncovered all 11 words on the ticket’s puzzle.

“I thought, ‘There’s no way I have that many words,’” she recalled.  “I counted them, and then I thought that maybe I had scratched a wrong letter.”

She showed the ticket to friends who were at her house and enlisted their help to confirm what she was seeing.

“I couldn’t breathe, so I sat down,” Lybarger said.  “My friend went over all the words and letters with a highlighter.”

After a thorough examination of the ticket, Lybarger and her friends realized that it was indeed a $50,000 top-prize winner, which was confirmed when Lybarger presented the ticket at a Missouri Lottery regional office.

In the most recent fiscal year, players in Platte County won more than $9.5 million in Missouri Lottery prizes.  Retailers in the county received over $1 million in commissions and bonuses, and an additional $2.1 million went to educational programs in the county.  For a detailed list of the programs that benefited, visit MOLottery.com.