Minnesota Governor – 2022 Local Jobs & Projects Plan

Governor Walz, Lieutenant Governor Flanagan Announce 2022 Local Jobs and Projects Plan

ST. PAUL, MN (STL.News) Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan today announced their 2022 Local Jobs and Projects Plan – their capital investment recommendation for the upcoming legislative session.  The $2.7 billion plan invests in critical projects that preserve existing infrastructure and historical assets, address current needs in communities across the state, and build a stronger future for Minnesota.

“In 2020, we passed the largest jobs bill in state history, investing in the projects that local communities told us matter most to them.  Now with Minnesota’s strong economic outlook, we have an opportunity to make even more progress,” said Governor Walz.  “With a focus on projects like roads, bridges, fire stations, and veterans homes, our plan will repair and replace critical infrastructure and improve the lives of Minnesotans in every corner of the state.”

“Our 2022 Local Jobs and Projects plan will help build stronger, safer, and more equitable communities across the state,” said Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan.  “Whether it’s expanding access to safe and affordable housing, building safer roads and bridges, upgrading higher education facilities, or investing in organizations serving Black, Native, and communities of color, we have an opportunity to make transformative change in communities across the state.”

The 2022 Local Jobs and Projects Plan includes $2 billion in General Obligation Bonds, $250 million in Appropriation Bonds, and $276 million in General Fund cash.  General Obligation Bonds are backed by the state’s full faith and credit and finance publicly owned capital projects.  Appropriation Bonds are repaid through annual appropriations from the Legislature and can be used to finance a broader range of capital projects.

Asset Preservation

Maintaining and renewing existing assets is an important part of a safe, healthy, and fiscally responsible state budget. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor know that when you take care of the property you have, it will last for generations to come.  That’s why their 2022 Local Jobs and Projects Plan includes more than $1 billion in funding to maintain and renew the property that taxpayers own and rely on every day.  The plan includes $260 million to repair and replace buildings in the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State systems across the state and $111 million for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to repair the buildings, roads, trails, public water accesses, bridges, and recreational facilities that make Minnesota a great place to live.


Every Minnesotan deserves safe and efficient roads that bring them home to their families, and our state’s infrastructure protects Minnesotans’ health and safety and while ensuring the vitality of communities.  The Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s 2022 Local Jobs and Projects plan invests more than $560 million in infrastructure projects across the state. The plan includes $120 million for local bridge replacements, $90 million for local road improvement projects, and $200 million in local water infrastructure grants and loans—which are an important investment of state funds to match federal infrastructure dollars.

Housing and Homelessness

Every Minnesotan deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan’s 2022 Local Jobs and Projects Plan includes more than $450 million in safe and affordable housing projects, including a historic $250 million investment in Housing Infrastructure Bonds to provide supportive housing for Minnesotans across the state.  The Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s plan makes investments to repair existing shelters for the most vulnerable Minnesotans and also includes significant investments in addressing housing for our veterans.

Community and Equity

Thriving, equitable communities foster growth and opportunity for all Minnesotans. Minnesota is the best place in the country to grow up in because we invest in our small towns and big cities.  Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan propose investing nearly $400 million to support projects across the state that build thriving communities.  This includes a $100 million focus on equity in bonding to ensure projects reach those communities that have been traditionally excluded from capital investments and investing in organizations serving Black, Native, and communities of color.  These investments will help communities grow and prosper, from renovating community centers and libraries to replacing outdated fire stations.

Environmental Stewardship

Preserving our environment and mitigating the effects of climate change creates more resilient communities today and protects our state’s natural resources for the generations of tomorrow.  The Governor and Lieutenant Governor propose investing more than $262 million in environmental stewardship projects across the state.  The plan includes $20 million in flood hazard mitigation grants to local governments, $13.8 million in statewide electric vehicle charging infrastructure, $60 million in capital improvements to bus rapid transit, more than $20 million for local government stormwater construction grants, and $8 million in dam safety repair and reconstruction.

In total, in projects across the full recommendation, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s 2022 Local Jobs and Projects Plan includes $190 million in projects that will help our state prevent and adapt to our changing climate and an additional $750 million in projects for climate mitigation.

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