Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham is currently serving as a member of the Missouri State Senate.  In regards to his stance on political issues, he identifies as part of the Republican Party.  Before assuming his current position, Cunningham served as a Missouri House of Representatives member for eight years, representing district 145.

Early Life of Mike Cunningham

Cunningham was born and raised in Missouri, attending Macon High School during his teenage years.  After graduating from Macon High School in 1965, Cunningham furthers his education at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida, where he then obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in business administration with a minor in economics from Truman State University in the year 1972.

Nowadays, Cunningham currently resides in Rogersville, Missouri, where he is a livestock farmer.  He is also the father of children: sons Zach and Seth and daughter Leah.  Cunningham also has three grandchildren: Baylee, Connor, and Blaire.

The career of Mike Cunningham

After graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree from Truman State University, Cunningham became manager of Cunningham’s Fresh Foods supermarket located in Marshfield, Missouri.  Aside from Cunningham’s Fresh Foods, he also worked as the city administrator of Marshfield between 1974 and 1979, as well as working for Coca-Cola USA.  After many years of working, he retired in 2001.

After graduation from high school and before obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree from Truman State University, Cunningham served in the United States Army between 1967 and 1969.  During this time, he assumed the position of sergeant E-5 in the military police.  In 1969, he received an honorable discharge and left the armed forces, heading back to further his education.

In his free time, Cunningham is also a part of the following groups: the American Quarter Horse Association, First Baptist Church, Marshfield Chamber of Commerce, Marshfield Development League, Marshfield Farm Bureau, Marshfield Industrial Authority, Marshfield Public School Foundation, and the Missouri Foxtrotter Horse Association.

Political Campaign of Mike Cunningham

Between 2003 and 2011, Cunningham served as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, District 145.  He ran many years unopposed and was able to keep his position for eight years before deciding to take the next step in his political career.

In 2012, Cunningham ran for election into the Missouri State Senate, District 33.  In the Republican primary election, he was up against fellow Republicans Ward Franz and Don Wells.  Cunningham was victorious, receiving 37.1% of the total 31,989 votes.  Ward received 33% with 10,551 votes, and Wells received 29.9% with 9,564 total votes.  In the general election that followed on November 6, 2012, Cunningham ran unopposed, guaranteeing him the seat in the Missouri State Senate.  Cunningham assumed his position on January 7, 2013.

In 2016, Cunningham ran for reelection unopposed.  During his time in the Missouri State Senate, Cunningham has worked on the following committees: Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment; Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections; Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight, Veterans’ Affairs and Health; Appropriations; Fiscal Oversight; Insurance and Banking; Professional Registration; and the Joint Committee on Legislative Research.


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