Michigan 2021 Accomplishments – High Speed Internet

LANSING, MI (STL.News) Governor Gretchen Whitmer-Gilchrist administration is counting down the last 10 days of 2021 by celebrating Michigan’s progress on 10 fundamental kitchen-table issues.  Today we celebrate progress Michigan has made on expanding high-speed internet.

“High-speed internet is critical to education, employment, and daily household functions,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  “I am proud of the actions we have taken at the state level to expand high-speed internet to over 18,000 homes and businesses and win hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants for rural broadband, telehealth, and remote learning.  We will continue working to ensure every family, community, and small business has a reliable, affordable connection that meets their needs and helps them participate in our economy.”

“Access to affordable high-speed internet is a necessity in our professional, personal and social lives,” said Susan Corbin, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity director.  “We are making significant investments and are committed to removing barriers in high-speed internet availability, affordability and adoption for disproportionately impacted communities of color, those in?rural areas,?and low-income households.? These investments will increase opportunities to get connected so we can boost online learning, healthcare and economic opportunity for all Michiganders.”

Getting Things Done

Governor Whitmer believes every family and business in Michigan deserves access to a reliable, affordable high-speed internet connection that meets their needs. She wants to close Michigan’s digital divide by expanding broadband, driving down costs, and boosting digital literacy. High-speed internet enables communities to develop and attract jobs and businesses.  It expands economic opportunity for families, enhances educational experiences for students, and allows for remote access to key healthcare services.  To ensure Michigan takes advantage of every opportunity for progress, the Governor launched the Connecting Michigan Task Force and the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office to coordinate the state’s efforts.  Together, these programs have leveraged millions in state and federal funds to give families and businesses access to high-speed internet.

Key Numbers

  • Set a state goal to provide 100% access to high-speed internet and 95% adoption by households during the next five years, while continually investing in higher quality access.
  • Provided high-speed internet access to more than 18,000 homes and businesses, generating between $28.1 and
  • $35.5 million in annual economic benefits to consumers.
  • $363 million through the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Auction. ·
  • $5.3 million through the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Grant Program.·