Mattress Checklist: The Best Types Of Mattress When Looking For An Upgrade

(STL.News) It is now the perfect time for home renovations, especially in the hot season.  When you’re planning to do a house upgrade, you should expect to do replacements and repairs of different house systems just like in electrical and plumbing.  You should also expect to do enhancements in your interior and exterior carpentry.  Among other things, a mattress should also be one of the few things that need replacing in a home renovation.

The perfect mattress depends on the host’s preference.  The firmness and bounce should match a certain consumer’s sleeping ways. Since trying out mattresses in physical stores will require more effort and time especially in the current circumstances, online shopping has become more popular and will help you determine and explore the world of mattresses with much more ease.

Purchasing a mattress will now be made easier with the help of the internet and articles like the one you’re currently reading. Here’s a list of different types of mattresses and their features.

Memory Foam

These types of foams can be kind of costly and their prices vary depending on their brand and size.  That’s why caring and storing it properly is important.  The “don’ts” when it comes to caring for these mattresses include storing them in wet areas and in places where there’s strong heat.  This foam was initially used for medical purposes and settings.

Also, it was invented to enhance the safety of aircraft cushions.  It molds into your body and has motion transfer which makes it the best mattress for people that cherish an undisturbed sleep.  This foam has polyurethane which is the compound that adds more to the viscosity and density of the mattress.  It is a type of mattress that can respond perfectly to one’s heat and pressure.

Gel-infused Foam

This foam is quite similar to memory foam, just like it, it molds perfectly to your body.  However, unlike it, it does not retain heat, so you don’t have to worry about sweating in your sleep.  Considering that it has a higher density and can regulate temperature, expect it to cost more but you will not be disappointed with its quality.

This was introduced to the industry in 2011.  Because of its gel properties, it will make you feel a lot cooler.  It also has layers that will reduce motion transfer.  To protect it against stains, it’s best to use a fabric cover.


This mattress foam’s history started from being one of the first mattresses that modernly replaced the primitive mattresses from before that consisted of wool, hay, and other materials.  This mattress was first developed in the 1870s.  When it comes to its firmness, it has a springy feel to it.  The main structure of the mattress is made of coils and springs.

It is being supported by wool and gives the coils some foundation.  Hence, because of how thick its components are, the more weight it can hold.  Its cost lives up to its quality, so you don’t have to worry about splurging a little bit to get the most of your good night’s sleep.  For it to last longer, it needs to be regularly flipped and rotated.

It is important also to assure it has good support for it to be properly maintained. These mattresses provide breathable comfort and it has a good ventilation system because of its coils.

Hybrid Foam

A combination of gel, latex, and memory foam is what this foam is made out of, along with an innerspring-like system.  Because of what it contains, this mattress foam is perfect for people that need a breathable and breezy type of bed and at the same time has a great value.  It can provide a good balance of comfort and support.

This mattress just recently came out about a decade or two ago.  Although these mattresses can be quite costly, they can be durable so you’ll be assured that it’s worth your money.  For it to last long, to even out signs of wearing, rotating it is recommended.  Using a topper or protector that is liquid-resistant will also be good to maintain the longevity of the mattress.

Latex Foam

In the 1930s, this mattress was initially developed and later refined.  Compared to other mattresses, this particular type is a lot firmer.  Its material comes from the rubber tree’s sap.  Aside from it being especially beneficial for people that are suffering from back and joint pain, it is also hypo-allergenic.

This mattress is also among those types that can be maintained easily.  Environmental enthusiasts will surely love some of its variety since its compounds are made naturally and from organic materials.  They are known to last for a good amount of time as long as they’re cared for properly.  These mattresses don’t do well when exposed to the sun.  Cleaning it regularly will help lengthen its lifespan.


Now that you have read about the different types of mattresses along with their brief history, benefits, and how to maintain them, you can now start deciding on what mattress is perfect for your lifestyle.  Picking the right one will not only get your money’s worth but you will also be granted a good and uninterrupted sleep.