Laclede’s Landing

Laclede’s Landing is a historic district located in St. Louis, Missouri.  Also referred to as The Landing, Laclede’s Landing combines gorgeous 19th-century architecture with 21st-century dining and entertainment for an intriguing, entertaining experience.  Although originally used in the 1700s onward as a location for manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and business use, Laclede’s Landing is now well-known for its nightclubs and wide array of restaurants.

History of Laclede’s Landing

The area now known as Laclede’s Landing was originally surveyed by Pierre Laclede, a French fur trader, in 1763 during the founding of St. Louis.  Laclede was tasked with helping to build a post near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, which was a major trade location for the overseas empires at the time.  However, when Laclede and the others arrived, they found that the area where the two rivers met was far too marshy and wet to construct a port.  They then decided to build about 18 miles away.  Thus, St. Louis was born. Laclede’s Landing is the riverfront area of downtown St. Louis, named after the french fur trader and explorer himself.

Dining and Nightlife at Laclede’s Landing

The array of restaurants and nightlife in Laclede’s Landing will satisfy the tastes of any visitor.  Among the options available are Big Daddy’s on the Landing, a relaxing yet exciting venue with appetizers, soups, salads, beef, poultry, and fish dishes between $4 to $8; Drunken Fish Sushi Restaurant and Lounge, delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine location; Joey B’s on the Landing, known for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and exceptional food; Last Call On The Landing, a reasonably priced option; and Morgan Street Brewery, a brew-pub that is known for its pre-1844 building as well as its relaxed lounge and outdoor cafe.

Attractions at Laclede’s Landing

Along the cobblestone streets of Laclede’s Landing are many activities and attractions for visitors to take part in. So whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or just a fun night out with friends, there’s truly something for everyone, from couples to families to groups of friends.

First, visitors can begin their night with a carriage ride through Laclede’s Landing, offered by Brookdale Farms Carriage Services.  Other activities include exploring the Mississippi River in either the Becky Thatcher or Tom Sawyer riverboats with Gateway Riverboat Cruises, having dinner and a show at the Royale Dumpe Dinner Theatre, bike or walk along the 10-mile St. Louis Riverfront Trail and Trailhead Park while taking in beautiful natural views of the Mississippi River, or visiting the St. Louis Wax Museum for great photo opportunities.  Parents can also take children to the Delta Dental Health Theatre, where they will learn about dental hygiene and its importance.

Missouri History Museum – St. Louis, Missouri

Aside from its exuberant nightlife, Laclede’s Landing also serves to provide tourists and St. Louis residents with an inside look into the city’s history.  Since 1866, the Missouri History Museum has had a large role in St. Louis, partnering with Laclede’s Landing to bring occasional historical summaries and events to the museum, focusing on the city and the riverfront area.

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