Five Powerful Reasons to Opt for a Cloud File Server

(STL.News) Businesses of all sizes in all kinds of sectors are rapidly moving to cloud file server solutions.  When you store data and transfer your business operations to the cloud, your business gains many advantages.  Here are five powerful reasons why you should opt for a cloud file server.

1. You Can Still Use Your On-Premise Server with a Cloud Server Solution

When your business uses on-premises servers and data storage hardware, it can take up a lot of space.  That is one reason why so many companies are opting for cloud file server solutions.  It can be especially helpful for small business owners, where it simply is not financially feasible to move to larger premises.

By using the cloud for data storage, you completely eliminate the problem of finding more space, and if you transform all of your data to the cloud, you will have more space to use for other business activities.  However, you can still use your on-premises server with a solution like Gladinet’s file server if you have some operations that you would prefer to keep on-premises.  Whether you choose a hybrid file server solution or you move all of your data to the cloud, you will see many other benefits besides increasing the space of your premises.

2. The Cloud Provides More Security

When you store your business’s data in the cloud, you can protect it against accidental loss, fires, and natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.  In addition, when you use a cloud provider’s own security systems, you can prevent cybercrime from happening.  While you will still need to implement your own security measures, such as passwords and permissions, when data migrates to the cloud, sensitive information can be protected against human error in addition to cybercrimes, with resources that go beyond the capabilities of local servers.

3. The Cloud Provides Simple Scalability

Cloud file service options range from simple public cloud packages to fully managed and customized cloud solutions that are designed to meet specific needs.  As your business expands, you can scale your cloud file server plans to include more applications, more storage, and more services provided by the host, such as opting for a private or multi-cloud solution to meet your changing requirements.  Furthermore, most cloud file servers offer pay-as-you-go services, so you can alter your plans or add new functions as you need them without having to commit to such expenses outright.  Therefore, you only pay for the services you need at any particular time, thus allowing you to save money.

4. The Cloud Provides Convenience and Easy Collaboration

One of the greatest advantages of a cloud file server is making data and services available at all times to anyone with permission, anywhere in the world.  When data and applications are only confined to local systems, access is typically more limited to defined circumstances and times. Location and time restraints are completely removed with the adoption of the cloud.  Any users with permission can easily collaborate across borders and time zones.

5. You Can Save Money by Adopting a Cloud File Server Solution

How you can save money with a cloud file server has already been touched upon, but you can save money in various other ways when you move to the cloud.  Just consider your current IT costs.  Local storage machines and hardware require constant maintenance, which costs money, and as you expand your business, you will incur more costs without a cloud file server solution.  For instance, when you expand your business, local machines will need to be updated and IT teams may need to undergo new training courses.  By offloading the storage and performance capabilities of your business applications, you will reduce the cost of hardware and reduce the burden on your internal IT team.