Cities Ideal For Condo Living

Ontario could be your ideal place for condo living.  The region had been impacted by Fair Housing Plan and this means that the homes in Ontario don’t have skyrocketing prices.  But in spite of this fact the region still boasts of quality real estate value.  If you have plans to stay here for good, we have created a list of cities ideal for your condo living according to Statistics Canada.

1. King

The city of King is located within the Greater Toronto Area in the York Region.  King is mostly rural and majority of the people live in Schomberg and Nobleton, King City.  The residents of this city are among the most affluent people who live in Canada.  Their median household income is around $194,451.  This is where you can find an ideal serene yet active condo living.  There are tons of leisure activities in the parks for everybody to enjoy.  There are also cultural facilities you can visit in King.  You can even invest in the city as it is allowed by the Economic Development Strategy for King Town.

2. Toronto

Toronto is the well-known capital city of Ontario and there are things you must know about this city.  If you’re determined to move here, might as well see this listing to know more about condo living.  There are approximately 2.9 million residents in the city.  It is also the most populous city in the entire Canada.  For this reason, condominium units have been emerging almost everywhere.  One example is the Grand Park Village in 10 Audley Street.  It is a high quality condo constructed under the Freed Developments.  In 2018, Toronto also ranked 16th as Canada’s best city to live in.  It is also one of the cities in Canada known for economic stability.  They boast of successful businesses and income-generating job opportunities.  Their average household income is estimated to be around $105,338.

3. The Nation

The Nation is found within the National Capital Region of Canada.  It consists of the towns of Caledonia, South Plantagenet, and Cambridge.  The metropolis has a population of 13,000 people.  They are also home to the largest French communities residing in Ontario.  Living in The Nation is affordable and renting a condo with two or three bedrooms would cost you around $699.  The average household income is estimated around $99,500.  The Nation is also one of the safest to live in when you are in Ontario.  The crime rate is just 2, 186 in 100, 000 residents.

4. Paris

Paris is dubbed as the prettiest town in Canada.  This peaceful city resides in the southwestern part of Ontario.  It is situated on a steep hill, giving you access to its beautiful landscape and scenery.  Paris also boasts of its historic buildings, cobblestone pathways, and appealing restaurants.  It is ideal for a more quiet type of condo living. The population in Paris is estimated to be around 12,000.  This place is not overcrowded yet and filled with many attractions.

Ontario offers many great places to accommodate your ideal condo living.  The smaller cities can also provide abatement from the traffic that you are more likely to experience in bigger cities such as Toronto.  But regardless of being a small or big city, Ontario is the perfect place to settle for a peaceful and yet productive condo living.