Cass Information Systems, Inc, St. Louis, Missouri

Cass Information Systems, Inc. is a publicly-traded company headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

Cass Information Systems, Inc. is a St. Louis, Missouri-based public traded company (NASDAQ: CASS) supplier of transportation, utility, waste, telecom expense management, and related business intelligence services.  They claim to process more than $50 billion annually for their clients.  In addition, Cass is a behind-the-scenes provider for other companies’ branded B2B payment processing and commerce solutions.  Cass has more than $1.5 billion in assets uniquely supported by Cass Commercial Bank, founded in 1906.  Cass Commercial Bank is a subsidiary that offers sophisticated financial exchange services to the parent organization and its clients.

CASS is one of many publicly traded companies in St. Louis, Missouri.

Address and phone:

CASS Website

12444 Powerscourt Drive
Suite # 550
St. Louis, Missouri 63131
Phone: +1 314-506-5500