Candicci’s Restaurant in St. Louis Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Ballwin, MO (STL.News) 2020 is a year that most will want to forget quickly.  Almost everybody is ready for it to end and begin to migrating life back to the norm.

Many small businesses, especially restaurants, have been devastated by excessive lock-downs.  Most have offered pickup and delivery, but that has not been sufficient for most family-owned restaurants.  It has been said that more than 10 % of the restaurants have already closed, with more expected to close in January.

These family-owned restaurants need communities to support them to stay in business.  Additional stimulus funds have been too slow to save many, and more will go out of business soon if things don’t change.

Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar in Ballwin has launched another GoFundMe campaign to raise money, which will be used to purchase food that will be donated to front-line workers.  What a great strategy to help support a locally owned restaurants while illustrating appreciation for front-line workers.

Other things that can be done to help support local restaurants are to order directly from the restaurant.  Most will have their online ordering system.

Many consumers like to use third-party platforms that offer several restaurants on one system.  Still, the problem is that they take a large percentage of the ticket, causing further damage to the restaurant.  Some of these third party online systems charge as much as 33% as a commission for referring customers to the restaurant.

Anyone who understands business, especially restaurants, knows that they do not have sufficient margin to give away 1/3 of the ticket.  Many restaurants lose money by using these third-party services.  It works great for the companies offering these services, but it is killing small restaurants.

We encourage you to donate and order direct to help these small businesses survive.

Click to view GoFundMe campaign