Business Consumer Alert – Synup

Consumer Alert – Synup offers business listings management across the web.

(STL.News) Synup Warning – We have been familiar with this service for approximately two years.  We executed an agreement to resell their services previously.  After months of hearing promises that Apple Maps was coming, it never happened as promised.  Therefore, they mutually agreed to terminate the agreement at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown.

We returned to a previous competitor, which we are not allowed to reference because we had to execute a non-disclosure agreement to be released from their platform.  After all, it did not work as well as promised.

We recently attempted to return to Synup, making multiple agreements that took two weeks.  Our condition was one location for 72 hours to test the system to ensure it worked as promised. Unfortunately, during our due diligence, we discovered that Synup still does not publish on Apple Maps despite their website representations.

They tried to manipulate us into signing an agreement without testing the platform, which they agreed to initially. But, in the end, they wanted to walk away from our agreement.  Therefore, it is rational to assume that there are other failures in the system that they don’t want anybody to discover without a contract for money.

Our recent experience has raised concerns in this technology sector.  It “appears” that there are many misrepresentations made and problems with this technology they rely on consumers lack of technical skills to sell a service that does not work.

Manual submissions for directory listings and is time-consuming, but it works.  There is a platform that effectively manages manual requests in an orderly fashion.  We will not reference them without their permission, nor do we want the Consumer Alert to be viewed as content marketing to favor our preferred platforms for monetary gains.

Recommendations for prospective Synup resellers:

  1. Using business directory listings platforms have good and evil.  It is essential to understand both.  Unfortunately, Synup is unwilling to be transparent about system limitations and problems.  It is all about the money and how they can lock you into a contract.
  2. Proceed only after thorough due diligence to ensure that the system meets your needs and expectations.  Make them prove that the plan meets your needs.  Do not display “blind trust.”
  3. If business directory management is vital to your business model, make sure you understand what you are attempting to achieve and ensure that their system meets or exceeds your objectives.
  4. Be cautious of contract manipulation and changes to upsell you into more obligations.

Recommendations for prospective business consumers of Synup:

  1. We recommend that you consider managing your business listings manually or hiring a professional who will perform the work manually.  If you subscribe to business directory management platforms, you risk losing those listings if you do not maintain the subscription fee.  In addition, manually submission directory listings will always be owned and controlled by you.
  2. If you prefer to subscribe to a system that provides “directory listings management,” ensure that your listings display the correct information. Then, verify that the listings are appropriately indexed by the major search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo.
  3. Proceed with CAUTION.


  • Using directory management platforms sounds better in theory than they do in reality.
  • They are expensive for the results that are given.
  • They suggest that they claim existing listings and update the information. Unfortunately, our experience is that they do not do this as promised.
  • These platforms feed the information using API feeds, which are not published as original content.
  • We believe there are many problems within this technology sector and that these providers put a lot of effort into hiding their limitations.
  • Final Conclusion – Avoid business directory management platforms and do manual submissions to directories for best results.  It will be worth the time spent.