Business/Consumer Alert: Beware of Herbert Jackson Scam

Beware of Herbert Jackson, email or phone (475) 675-1380

St Louis, MO (STL.News) There is a person, not sure of his location, that call web design firms projecting the image that he is interested in have a website built.  However, his company name is a family owned body shop located in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The owner has been dealing with multiple phone calls created by this apparent attempt to scam web design firms.

The email associated with the scam is  The phone number associated with this is (475) 675-1380.

He will demand that invoices be sent to him using and request that you pay his third-party content provider after he pays you via the invoice.  He will not talk on the phone.

We are not implying that is affiliated with this scam attempt.  We have found no connection between the two parties.

If you are contacted by this party caution is strong encourage and any fraudulent actions should be reported to the proper authorities asap.