Brussels Expo Management Dismissal Threats: Lack of Regional Support

The CEO and two top managers of Brussels Expo at Heysel are threatening to resign. They write this in a letter to the Board of Directors. The latter has now appointed a mediator. The management denounces a lack of support from the Brussels Region.
The corona crisis has left deep wounds within Brussels Expo, according to the non-profit organization. “The situation has been very complex since the corona crisis,” says Wafaa Hammich, spokesperson for Brussels Expo. No expos were allowed to continue for a long time. In 2021, the employees even feared the non-profit organization going bankrupt.
Despite a successful edition of the Motor Show and the expo on James Bond, a new crisis threatens to occur today: three top managers threaten to resign. Two of them: CEO Denis Delforge and the COO Emin Luka.
In their own words, there would be too little financial support from the Brussels Region. “The board wants to see progress in the area of financial investments,” says Hammich.
The management also writes this in a letter addressed to the Board of Directors, which the French-language newspaper La Dernière Heure has been able to read.

In this letter, the managers set four conditions for the Region: ensuring the future of Brussels Expo, stability for employees, maintaining employment and better cooperation with the city of Brussels.
The Board of Directors would support the managers. It also regrets, for example, the lack of support from the Federal government. Nevertheless, they believe, they have already meant a lot during the corona crisis and for the reception of Ukrainian refugees in the halls of Brussels Expo.
In the meantime, Hammich says that the activities at Brussels Expo will continue.
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