Arizona Governor Requests Border Meeting With Biden

Arizona Governor Requests Border Meeting With Biden

PHOENIX, AZ (STL.News) Governor Doug Ducey and 25 fellow Republican governors are requesting an urgent meeting with President Joe Biden to find meaningful solutions to the worst border crisis in more than two decades.

In a letter released today, the governors say they are “seeking an open and constructive dialogue regarding border enforcement on behalf of U.S. citizens in our states and all those hoping to become U.S. citizens.  We must end the current crisis and return to border operations that respect the laws of our land and the lives of all people, including those in our states looking to the federal government to enforce and protect our nation’s borders.”

In Arizona, the Yuma Sector Border Patrol has experienced a more than 900 percent increase in apprehensions compared to last year and the Tucson Sector Border Patrol has experienced a more than 200 percent increase in apprehensions.

The attempted border crossings pose a serious threat to the health and safety of migrants and Americans, and it can put a tremendous amount of stress on law enforcement and border security officials.  A few weeks ago, a mother and her 10-year-old daughter who crossed the border seeking asylum were found dead from heat exposure in the Yuma desert. Additionally, just last week, Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 140 migrants attempting to illegally cross the border.

The letter follows the release of disturbing data by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that shows border authorities detained more than 200,000 migrants in August for a second consecutive month.  The drastic influx of attempted border crossing overwhelms law enforcement officials and expands the risk of drugs, firearms, human trafficking and dangerous individuals illegally entering the United States.

“Border apprehensions are up almost 500% compared to last year, totaling more than 1.3 million — more people than the populations of nine U.S. states,” the letter states.  “Approximately 9,700 illegal apprehensions have prior criminal convictions.  Cartels and traffickers are making $14 million a day moving people illegally across the border.  More fentanyl has been seized this fiscal year than the last three years combined — almost 10,500 pounds of fentanyl when only 2 milligrams prove fatal.  This is enough to kill seven times the U.S. population.”

Governor Ducey and other governors have taken action at the state level to address the border crisis, but their abilities are constitutionally limited as implementation of our nation’s immigration laws lies in the hands of the President of the United States.

The governors requested to meet President Biden within 15 days.

Read the letter HERE.

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