Are CBD Oil Pet Products Good for Your Dog?

(STL.News) Pet care has always been about giving your dog all their physical and emotional needs.  Giving them food, water, love, and care seem to be the most basic thing that you can do.  However, no matter how balanced their diets are, the exercise you force them to, or the love you give, they will always experience some sort of health issue.  It is an unavoidable part of their life, and sometimes can even be caused by their genetics.

You may have seen some of these problems if you have a dog in your home.  Old age is something that most pet owners dread since there is nothing, they can do about that.  Sometimes, it can be about their joints and muscles weakening due to certain conditions as you can read on this website.  They might also feel pain because of a physical force or a trauma to their bodies.  Moreover, this can potentially lead to behavioral problems that can strain the relationship between the parties involved.

What Is Cannabidiol?

This is where CBD or cannabidiol comes in, a substance that has been heavily debated in so many circles all over the world.  It is usually extracted from cannabis or hemp since these are the only plants that are rich with this stuff.  There was a time when it was completely illegal to use either of the two in most places around the globe.  However, there has been a change that has been introduced here in the West and it seems to be moving forward to other countries.

The introduction of medical marijuana or hemp seems to be the catalyst. Unlike its cousin cannabis, hemp is found out to be low in compounds that can be dangerous to other animals namely THC.  This is the substance responsible for the psychedelic side effects of using marijuana.  However, its concentration in hemp is barely negligible.  This is the main reason why it has been legalized in many states here in the US.

If you are looking for the best option for your dog, then you are in for a treat.  Based on the Holista Pet site, there are many ways that you can give CBD to your dog.  Some of them might already be familiar to any pet owner.  The other options can be a bit bizarre for the uninitiated, but they are also easy to use and consume by your canine.  You can also explore multiple choices for a product, but you need to watch out for the right dosage.

Popular Options For CBD Consumption


This particular version is more popular with human consumers, but it seems that it is moving to the animal world as well.  This is considered as the most versatile out of all these choices since it is the purest form of CBD.  Your dog can take it straight up from a dropper, or it can be mixed to their food.  This way, they would not notice the taste if it is already mixed up with their favorite food.


On the other hand, this can be considered as the first option for any pet.  CBD takes form in your usual treat and you can give this as a reward whenever they are behaving or have done a great task.  You can think of it as mixing CBD oil into their food, but it is in bite-size form.  It is also the more popular choice since the dog can easily consume and swallow it.


Meanwhile, chews are great if your canine friend loves to bite a lot.  This is not just to train their teeth, but also to turn down their biting tendencies.  It can also stay for a longer time, so you do need to worry about accidentally giving them another chew.  However, you need a track where it is already since they can accidentally swallow a piece or leave it somewhere that you might not notice it.  Here’s what you can do if they end up choking:

Topical Ointments

For physical pains, your dog might want to have a bit of a massage.  Topical ointments made for dogs might be an entirely new concept, but it seems to be catching on with the market.  It is great for those who are still wary about CBD and they feel much better if their pet can use it without ingesting it.  Meanwhile, it can be a great bonding time with your beloved animal.