Can the dire economic crisis in Sri Lanka be solved?

Sri Lanka has been going through its worst economic crisis in more than seven decades.

The country’s usable foreign currency reserves have plunged below one billion dollars, limiting its ability to repay loans.

Over the weekend, the government imposed a curfew after violent demonstrations broke out.

Protesters are angry over unprecedented shortages of food, fuel, and medicines.

And some are calling for the president to step down.

But what’s behind this crisis?

And what will be the consequences if it continues?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


  • Harsha de Silva, Member of Parliament. He represents the main opposition party, SJB.
  • Bhavani Fonseka, Senior Researcher and Attorney at Law with the Centre for Policy Alternatives.
  • W A Wijewardena, columnist at the Daily Financial Times and a former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka.