5 Ways to Stay Safe on A Business Trip

(STL.News) 2020 was a year from hell. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who still panics at the idea of going outside.  Well, that’s not entirely true – I don’t anymore.  I do, however, still have waves of panic when I watch the news or go on social media, which is a battle because on the one hand, I want to be updated – but on the other, I don’t want to be scared for the coming year.  Where ever you are in the world, here are 5 things I’ve learnt about staying safe on a business trip – after all, we may be in the middle of a massive public health crisis but life does needs to go on regardless.

1. Do Your Homework

Do research on the various airlines, ground transportation services and accommodation before you go on your trip.  Find out what precautions these companies are taking to protect their customers and then make your decision based off that.  Choose the safest option that you feel most comfortable with.  I would still recommend sanitizing the “high-touch” places before you use them – like door handles, windows, seat trays, counters and taps etc.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Flying

Flying is one of the biggest things travelers are worried about but they need not worry, provided the airline takes the proper precautionary measures in protecting their passengers that is.  Every airline has the future of its business to think about so most, if not all, of them will take excellent care of their staff and passengers.  In fact, many studies suggest that with proper measures in place and good ventilation during the flight, lying can be safer than grocery shopping!

3. Find Somewhere Safe to Stay

Not all hotels and B&B’s are cut from the same cloth. Do some research on the available places in your destination city or town and find the safest option, like DelSuites.  Feel free to give them a call and ask them what they are doing to prevent the spread of the virus, this information should also be freely available online as most places are proud to tell you what they’re doing to do their part.

4. Be Sure to Check for Travel Restrictions

With the world gearing up for COVID-19 vaccinations, you need to be sure to check for any travel restrictions imposed on your destination city.  It would be wise to get a tally of their recent infections, over the last 6 weeks or so, to get an idea as to what stage of their current wave they are in.  That doesn’t mean you don’t have to be vigilant – it just means you are less likely to be stuck there if a harder lock-down is implemented.

5. Keep Your Wits About You

Staying safe is about protecting yourself as well as others.  Make sure you are respectful of those around you by wearing your mask in public places, washing your hands frequently and properly, as well as avoiding crowded places.  Think of it as an opportunity to explore the lesser known eating spots of that area, you may stumble across a hidden gem.