5 Reasons To Update Your Old Elearning Employee Training Courses

(STL.News) Online learning solutions have changed the way employee training programs are conducted.  They make learning fun and save time spent by employees on training.  Although creating an effective course takes a lot of effort and investment, employees greatly benefit from it.

But just like everything else, online training content gets outdated and needs to be revamped to meet the employees’ evolving needs. Failing to upgrade your old eLearning employee training courses will prevent your employees from keeping abreast with the changing market trends.

Here are 5 reasons why you must consider updating your old employee training courses:

To improve employee performance:

Employee training courses exist to help employees acquire new skills and get better at fulfilling their responsibilities.  But even after going through an entire training program, there is no change in employee performance, and it is a major red flag.

This means the training content is not fulfilling employee learning needs, nor is it addressing the skills gap.  To ensure your employees become more productive and a noticeable improvement in their work, your online training course needs a makeover.

To keep the content engaging and fun:

Often employee training reports may show a very low course completion rate of the training course.  This could mean employees don’t find the content engaging. They abandon the course out of sheer boredom.

When the course content is designed in a way that helps employees learn while having fun, learning becomes easy, and there is higher retention of knowledge.  Using gamification can help in transforming the content, so employees get excited to learn.

To ensure content is relevant:

For the training to have a measurable impact on employee growth, they should make the most out of it.  But if the training content is outdated, they may not learn much from it, and there are very high chances they will not engage with it.

For instance, the training content was mainly text-based until up to a few years ago.  But now, there are eLearning authoring tools available with pre-built templates that make it easy to create stunning digital content that contains graphics, videos, animation to provide an enriching learning experience.

To make content accessible on all kinds of devices:

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Since most people are glued to their phones the whole day, it only makes sense to make online learning solutions accessible on all kinds of mobile devices and not just laptops or desktops.

With mobile learning or mLearning, employees can learn anywhere at any time, which increases the chances of course completion.  If your eLearning employee training courses are not accessible on mobile phones, it’s time to upgrade and provide mobile learning support.

To make learning effortless:

Motivating employees to learn is a huge challenge for all businesses.  It becomes even more challenging if the software you use to train employees is complicated to use.  If they have a hard time navigating through the course, they will feel discouraged to learn.

When selecting an LMS, make sure you verify how user-friendly its interface is.  For instance, if you go through the Absorb LMS review, you will understand that it has an extensive number of options to customize the learning environment.  This helps you make learning effortless for your employees.


Nobody wants to learn old, outdated topics that are no longer valid in the current scenario, which makes it crucial to keep updating training content.  When revamping your old eLearning employee training courses, make sure to seek employee feedback.  It will allow you to get a better idea about working and what needs to be changed.