5 Reasons to Convert Your Factory To CNC Systems During The Pandemic

(STL.News) If your manufacturing business hasn’t yet upgraded its manufacturing processes, now is the perfect time to start.  2020 has been a year filled with change and it has kept every business on its toes and even closed the doors of many of them.  In a time where safety is more important than ever in every industry, here are 5 excellent reasons to convert your factory now.

1. Increased Safety In The Workplace

Transferring tasks, especially the more dangerous ones, to automated machines can make your workplace safer.  Automating manufacturing processes reduces the risk of injuries at an operational level by removing staff from dangerous working procedures.  Computer-controlled systems also typically respond more effectively, and efficiently, to emergency situations by providing real-time monitoring of manufacturing and industrial processes.

2. Increased Productivity

Advanced operations machines, such as Swiss CNC machining, perform tasks more efficiently and much more effectively than manual processes.  This not only increases the total rate of productivity but also increases your labor productivity by eliminating additional processes, which cuts down the number of steps involved in completing tasks.  This process of automation also reduces the number of staff required to complete each task, thereby allowing for regulated social distancing with little to no impact on your plant or factory’s overall productivity.

3. Reduce Costs

The initial investment in CNC machinery, which is getting more affordable each year, is easily offset by the reduction in other costs.  Eliminating manual processes means eliminating additional operations by using these machines to complete multiple manual tasks.  They also use materials far more effectively than manual processes by using exact measurements to get the most use out of various materials.  This enables factories and manufacturing plants to produce goods at a much lower cost, which is important to keep in mind – especially if you want to start your own CNC machining business.

4. Accomplish Otherwise Impossible Manual Tasks

The factory machining industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years and continues to delight and amaze manufacturers and investors alike.  There are some manufacturing processes that are next to impossible to achieve without electronics and even if these tasks are achievable manually, they would take so much longer to complete that they would not be a viable option to consider seriously.  Certain processes, like rapid prototyping through graphic modeling, would not be possible without computer numerically controlled systems.

5. Quality Enhancements

CNC machines greatly reduce the fraction defect rate by performing operations with greater uniformity and conformity alike.  It needs to be said though that computer-controlled machining isn’t just for mass-producing products.  Quite to the contrary, high-quality custom-made products can also be made with less cost and much less time than their manual counterparts.   CNC machining always allows for perfect repetition without risking fatigue or distraction. By achieving this level of perfection, batch after batch, will greatly improve the overall quality output of your entire process.

Automation, in this sense, is no longer reserved for science-fiction movies – embrace CNC systems today and help your manufacturing business thrive in one of the toughest global economic times in modern history.