Campaign Launched To Save St. Louis Minimum Wage Increase

St. Louis, MO/July 14, 2017 (STL.News) A new effort is underway aimed at saving St. Louis’ minimum wage hike.

On Friday afternoon, demonstrators comprised of minimum wage workers, elected officials, faith-based leaders, and union leaders gathered outside of Southwest Diner in south St. Louis to launch the “Save The Raise” campaign. The initiative is aimed at encouraging St. Louis business owners to maintain the city’s minimum wage increase of $10 per hour, which was implemented.

Jonathan Jones, the owner of Southwest Diner, says he will keep the $10 per hour wage. “I encourage more businesses owners to make the pledge to pay the fair wage that was taken away by the Legislature and the Governor in Jeff City. Together as business owners, workers, and members of the community and we can save the raise.”

Senator Jamilah Nasheed delivered a passionate speech during the demonstrators to encourage the workers to continue their fight. “Don’t give up the fight, because we know we are working for the people. The Republicans are working for corporate America and we have to expose them every chance we get.”

Wanda Rogers, a McDonald’s worker warned that crime will continue to increase in the city with the reversal of the minimum wage hike.

“If ya all take these wages down you’re really going to see some crime in St. Louis. You haven’t seen nothing yet, cuz things are about to go down in the Lou. People are going to do what they have to do to survive.

“Save The Raise” organizers say they will post the businesses who support their request on their website for supporting their cause. Organizers say they will also post the names of the businesses which don’t comply with this request.

In 2015, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen approved a minimum wage hike to $10 per hour, going up to $11 per hour in 2018. This was followed by a two-year legal ping pong game after a group of city business owners filed a lawsuit to block the minimum wage hike. The case ended up before the Missouri Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the city in May.

The city’s minimum wage hike however is set to be rolled back on August 28th after the Missouri Legislature passed a bill that prohibits local governments from establishing their own minimum wage. The state’s minimum wage is set at $7.70 per hour.


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