Was the Trump’s Tax Reform Good or Bad

ST LOUIS, MO (STL.News) – Filing tax returns will be the final decision on whether American’s believe that Trump’s Tax Reform was good or bad.

While there are beginning to be some questionable situations arise from people filing their 2018 tax returns, we wanted to express one tax filers experience for others to use as a comparison.

An anonymous St. Louis resident, divorced mother with two kids under the age of 16, a teacher, very stable income and same deductions as last year.  Revenue increased slightly.  Therefore, the only change was a slight increase in pay.  She used the same withholding schedule as last year.

Since Congress passed the tax reform bill, her take-home pay increased approximately $1000.00.  This year, she will get back roughly $4,300 compared to $3,000.00 last year.

Keep in mind; every situation is different.  We usually do not publish articles like this, but we wanted to present something that readers can use to make a better conclusion.  This is a very conservative taxpayer and is a perfect example to use due to the stable lifestyle with no unusual situations.  The two years are the same, except for more income.

This situation results were delivered as promised in this particular situation.