Vitamin-Rich Foods that May Protect Your Eyesight

(STL.News) With World Sight Day, there has been an effort to increase awareness of how important it is to look after our vision.  We all know that we should take regular breaks when it comes to
working on laptops and stop being on social media all the time.  It is essential that our eyes get a rest.

Of course, more people are working from home now than ever before.  This means it is difficult to get away from technology.  So, you have to think of other ways you can adjust your lifestyle so that you can boost your eye health.  In particular, eating a well-balanced diet can really help your eyes.  There are vitamin-rich foods that you should incorporate into your meals every day.


Everybody knows that vitamins and minerals are good for our bodies.  In particular, vitamin C is beneficial for your eyesight.  It is an antioxidant that can lower the risk of macular degeneration developing, as well as cataracts.  So, you are going to want to incorporate coriander into your diet.  It is a herb that is full of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, which is great for protecting the cornea.


There has been a lot of progress when it comes to treating eye conditions.  For example, you can find out about what the Tej Kohli Foundation is doing to help cure blindness around the world.  But in the meantime, there are some foods you can add to your diet to help protect your vision and avoid becoming a patient of the foundation.  For example, fish contains a lot of omega-three fatty acids that may help alleviate dry eye symptoms.


A portion of easy food that you can eat more of is eggs.  They are packed full of vitamin A, zinc and lutein, which are all amazing for your vision.  Together, they can help look after your eyes and lower the risk of problems developing later in life.  For example, zinc is beneficial for helping your eyes to see better in the dark.  Since you can enjoy eggs in a variety of ways, there is always going to be a way you can eat them.  This could be for your breakfast, in a sandwich for lunch or as part of your evening meal.


There was probably one food that you already knew was beneficial for eye health.  Of course, this would be carrots.  The rumors you have heard are true and they contain vitamin A and beta carotene.  Together, there are nutrients that reduce the risk of eye conditions, as well as fight off infections.  Again, carrots are versatile and you can sneak them into your meals if you do not like the taste.  But they do make a refreshing snack on a hot day.


Nuts and seeds are known as nutrient-rich foods.  Indeed, almonds are said to be very good for maintaining good eyesight.  This is due to almonds containing vitamin E.  This is a nutrient that can help to safeguard your eyes from macular degeneration, and cataracts, which can lead to blindness.  Almonds are an easy snack that you can enjoy when you are at home or work, as well as mixing them into your breakfast and lunch meals.