Violence to Kill the City of St. Louis

Violence has been killing the city of St. Louis.  As a result, businesses are leaving, and consumers are avoiding Missouri’s most historic city.

ST. LOUIS, MO (STL.News) The lack of leadership is a severe problem for St. Louis, Missouri.  This violence can be avoided by greater law enforcement presence and a prosecutor that will prosecute offenders.

Gun laws won’t change the violence if there is no police to arrest or prosecutor to take the prosecutions seriously.

It continues to escalate, and all we hear from the administration is that they are taking action but putting the problem over to the gun laws.

The lack of leadership is negligent!

Why is the Missouri Governor not taking action?

Politicians and administrators need to stop talking and passing blame.  They need to work together to prevent violence.  It can be prevented.  If administrators or politicians are not going to work together, they need to be removed from their positions.

St. Louis will increase its existing financial problems by losing businesses in the downtown area.

Nobody has the right to blame anybody at this point.  Residents are not pushing hard enough to get those in power to do what they need to do to protect the city and the businesses that the city benefits from.

We write this hoping to encourage somebody to do something, but that won’t happen.

Politicians talk; they don’t protect or solve problems.