US received second battery of the Iron Dome Air Defense

(STL.News) Israeli Ministry of Defense has confirmed that the United States has received the second battery of the Iron Dome air defense systems from Israel, in accordance with a deal signed by the two countries.

The first battery was delivered back in September.

Viewers may note that the US had signed a deal in last year for the procurement of two Iron Dome batteries.

Iron Dome will be deployed to defend important military assets like airbases against aerial threats.

The systems delivered are specifically customized as per American requirements.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in a statement, “I am confident that the system will assist the US Army in protecting American troops from ballistic and airborne threats as well as from developing threats in the areas where US troops are deployed on various missions”

In this video Defense Updates analyzes why U.S military is procuring Israeli made Iron Dome ?

YouTube Video provided courtesy of Defense Updates