Top 10 Weirdest US Laws

(STL.News) You probably know that many of the current laws were adopted a couple of centuries ago.  Many of them are relevant even today, especially regarding human rights and responsibilities.  But some laws seem strange or even ridiculous because detailed formulations are absurd or meaningless to modern people.  However, a couple of centuries ago, people hardly had questions about the advisability of such restrictions and rules.  However, here are the top 10 weirdest US laws you should know.

No Intoxicated Skiing, Wyoming

If you are going to get drunk or do drugs, you cannot ski in Wyoming.  The fact is that this state prohibits such entertainment.  It is worth noting that the law was adopted a couple of centuries ago, and it certainly was relevant in the past.  Nevertheless, you are unlikely to find a person who would risk his health and walk down the mountainside drunk.  It’s as ridiculous as buying papers without reading a detailed review.  However, the law is still valid for Wyoming.

It’s Illegal to Kill Bigfoot, Washington

If you come to Washington to hunt Bigfoot, you will be disappointed.  The fact is that hunting for this creature is prohibited throughout the state.  It is unknown why local officials decided to pass such a law, given that no one has ever seen a Bigfoot or similar creatures.  However, you will have to choose a different animal if you still want to shoot with a rifle in the forest.  Surely you are upset by this fact, but the law cannot be broken.

No Hunting on Sundays, Unless You’re Killing Raccoons, Virginia

And here is another law that will upset many hunters.  The fact is that in Virginia, you cannot hunt on Sundays.  But why this particular day? So this is probably due to religion since, in the past, most people gathered in churches on Sundays to listen to the preaching of pastors.  So the shots of the guns must have disturbed the people.  But why, then, can you kill raccoons?  It is not known for certain why these animals are an exception.  It is possible that raccoons were disrupting the local ecosystem and their numbers had to be reduced to a minimum.

It’s Illegal to “Cause a Catastrophe,” Utah

Surely you know that any illegal actions are illegal.  But what if you will commit genocide, or you bought an atomic bomb to detonate somewhere in the center of Utah?  Unfortunately, you will have to cancel the planned attacks as local laws prohibit you from “Cause a Catastrophe.”  Maybe you should look for other ways to spend your time?  How about reading a paymetodoyourhomework review?  Alternatively, you can choose video games and wreak havoc in the virtual world.  Then you do not have to be held accountable for your actions.

You Can Get Married by Proxy, Texas

You may be a busy person and have no time to be distracted by unimportant activities.  What if you don’t have time to attend your wedding?  Then you can get married by proxy.  Anyway, such a trick would work in Texas.  Delegate your responsibilities to a friend, boss, or neighbor across the street.  Surely you have more important things to do, and your partner will not be offended.  Plus, you can free up time and read the essayoneday review.  This advice is especially relevant for students since marriage is not as important as A grades.

You Can’t Hold Public Office if You’ve Been in a Duel, Tennessee

Did you duel and kill a man? Well, then you can’t hold a public office in Tennessee.  Fortunately, this is just an old law that was valid a couple of centuries ago.  Duels and attempted murder are illegal in any state.  However, you will also have career problems in Tennessee if you participate in a duel.  You have to come to terms with this fact because the law is still valid.

Biting off Someone’s Limb Could Earn You 20 Years in Prison, Rhode Island

Do you like to bite? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t visit Rhode Island.  The fact is that in this state, you cannot bite off your cheeks, ears, lips, and even your nose.  This fact may affect your travel plans, given that you may be sentenced to twenty years in prison.  It is unknown what caused such a law, given that causing grievous bodily harm is illegal in any state.  So this is probably why the fight between Tyson and Evander Holyfield was not held at Rhode Island.

No Bartering Infant Children, Pennsylvania

Don’t like your infant child? Then how about bartering? Surely your neighbors also have a son or daughter.  Unfortunately, this trick will not work in Pennsylvania.  Local law can be called inhuman, but you must accept that your child will stay with you.  However, swap is hardly permitted in other states.  Surely this strange law was in force in the 1700s, when the first settlers came to America.

No Practicing Occult Arts, Oregon

All necromancers, sorcerers, and foretellers of the future should avoid business visits to Oregon, as occult arts are prohibited in this state.  Surely this fact will disappoint your cult, especially if you plan a corporate party at one of the local restaurants.  Perhaps you should head to Washington or Utah.

You Need Permission to Exterminate a Pigeon, North Dakota

Let’s say you bought a minigun and want to destroy a couple of thousand pigeons in North Dakota.  Unfortunately, you need permission to exterminate such birds.  Be prepared that you will be refused and come up with some ridiculous excuse.  Check with local officials about the possibility of killing a different bird in advance.