Tips for Growing Your Construction Business

(STL.News) The construction industry is a significant contributor to the economy, making it competitive.  Thanks to macro-economic and disruptive trends like expanding trade and increasing urbanization, the demand for real estate and construction is increasing. Demographic trends such as a young workforce and rising income levels, including a sustainable environment and technology, also drive construction and real estate demand.

Thanks to the ever-evolving construction market and competition, growing your business may be challenging. Below are tips for growing your construction business.

Create a business website

Having a construction website allows you to showcase your previous projects and everything else your business deals in.  Besides boosting business credibility, a professionally designed website ensures cost-efficient construction marketing, enables information exchange, and gives you a competitive edge.

Since your website is accessible to anyone and from anywhere, breaking geographical barriers becomes easier, increasing business deals. It also offers you a growth opportunity to direct investors there to see what you have achieved and what you can achieve in the future.

Find your niche

Clients trust specialists and are willing to pay more for their services.  Specializing in a particular field will set you apart from your competitors.  If you feel that you can succeed as a general contractor, go for it, or if your staff are skilled masons, you can become a masonry subcontractor.  This helps strategically position your business, generate more demand for your services, and attract high-paying customers.

Invest in digital marketing

Internet marketing involves marketing your construction business online and other digital means.  Embracing digital construction marketing quickly grows brand awareness, creates brand recognition, and drives engagement around your business.  Internet marketing also allows you to take advantage of social media marketing tools, giving you customer insights and their needs for data-based decision-making.  Internet marketing allows you broader coverage, driving more traffic to your construction website and boosting business growth.

Leverage local SEO

You can optimize your website to increase web traffic, brand awareness, and leads from local searches through local SEO.  Find out the queries that help people locate your business to know the keywords you rank for, making it easier to optimize your website.  If you want to find local keywords on your geographic location, consider the areas and locations where your clients are from for them to find your construction business easily.

To get ahead with local SEO, have a Google My Business Listing, create content with a local focus, add reviews and citations then monitor your results.  This will help your local business appear in Google’s local pack.

Hire the right team

Your staff is an extension of your business, so it’s essential to find trustworthy and reliable people.  Ensure they’re skilled, dependable, and knowledgeable so they can deliver quality projects. Delivering quality projects gets you to repeat clients and even referrals.

Leverage equipment leasing

To deliver quality projects and increase profitability while ensuring low operating costs, take advantage of equipment leasing.  This allows you to remain competitive since you can upgrade your machinery as your projects progress or whenever there’s a new invention.


The construction industry keeps evolving, and so are people’s needs.  Conducting proper market research will help you determine what clients want so you can wisely invest and grow your business.