Thompson Law STL Launches New Website

Thompson Law STL is a personal injury law firm serving the St. Louis region that recently launched a new website.

CHESTERFIELD, MO (STL.News) Tyler C. Thompson founded Thompson Law STL after approximately fifteen years of representing defendants and plaintiffs in personal injury cases creating a unique experience that will likely benefit his clients.  Additionally, an interesting fact is that he worked for American Family Insurance, which is his unique experience while now representing the plaintiffs.  Therefore, he knows how to discuss personal injury cases with insurance companies.

Thompson hired WebTech Group to create their new website, which will be content-rich.  It has been launched to develop a web presence but will continue to be a work in progress with more legal information and blog posts to keep prospective and existing customers updated.

WebTech Group also created its Google Listing and Google page for enhanced online visibility.

For more information, visit the Thompson Law STL website or call Tyler C. Thompson at +1 314-650-8520

Additionally, you can find Thompson Law STL at the following: