These 4 Seldom Thought-About Questions Determine if Retirees Should Stay or Move

BOSTON (STL.News) – Financial planner and author Penelope S. Tzougros has already helped hundreds of people decide whether staying in their present house or moving is their best option. Now, in addition to her new book, Your Home Sweet Home, she is offering an online course that covers the same Stay-Move dilemma, “The Retiree’s Guide for the Stay-Move Decision.”

Extensively interviewed on TV, radio and in print, Tzougros (pronounced Sue-grows), says there are four questions that most retirees fail to answer when they decide whether to stay in their beloved family home or move: how much do I need to spend to maintain my house? How much money does it take to maintain my desired lifestyle? What if anything is unique about my current home that I could not find anywhere else? What do I envision my legacy to be? “Ultimately, the Stay-Move decision is not about real estate,” Tzougros says, “it’s about your legacy and who you are.”

“The Retiree’s Guide for the Stay-Move Decision” course helps people thoughtfully answer all four of these questions so they can take charge of their lives and stop being afraid of change.

The course—which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee—is comprised of five modules that take a deep dive into the retiree’s present home, their cash flow choices, their money and its ability to last, their options and their legacy.

In addition to helping retirees, Tzougros says, “The Retiree’s Guide for the Stay-Move Decision” can also be of value to adult children of retirees, their relatives and close friends. There are several purchasing options. One option supplements the course with bonus material and two group conference calls. A second option adds an hour’s private consultation and the third option includes a tailored financial plan with a written report.

“Having completed the course, you will be more aware of financial, social, psychological, physical and emotional factors that are necessary for your well-being. In addition, you will have one of three outcomes: 1) You will clarify and justify your reasons for staying in your beloved home and realize what you must do to stay there and be independent. 2) You will construct an interim strategy with a specific timetable and set of tasks. 3) You will be on your path to finding a fresh start, because the facts and discoveries you make in the course will spur you on to explore other housing options. You realize why you should move. You expect to find something that delights you just as much as your present home,” Tzougros says.

About Penelope S. Tzougros

Penelope S. Tzougros, Ph.D., ChFC, CLU, is a Financial Consultant, author, speaker and founder of Wealthy Choices®, a Registered Investment Advisor. Although she is based in Boston, she is registered in all 50 states and offers securities and advisory services through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. In addition to Your Home Sweet Home, she is the author of Wealthy Choices: The Seven Competencies of Financial Success, and Long-term Care Insurance: How to Make Decisions That Are Right for You. Tzougros holds a master’s degree from Harvard, a doctorate from the University of Toronto, and has taught at C.W. Post, Northeastern University and Hellenic College.

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