Gay Bar Scene


St. Louis Gay Bar Scene

ST.LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Gay Bar Scene: it’s been a hard couple of weeks in the United States, especially after the Orlando massacre of dozens of innocent, out-and-proud bar goers.  The attack sent a wave of nervousness throughout the entire country, making people afraid to attend their favorite gay bar in town.  St. Louis, no different than any other American city, has its fair share of popular gay bars where local LGBT individuals come to bond and share their stories of acceptance.

“Gay bars are a place where many of us feel the freedom we want to publicly kiss or hug,” said Lawrence Miskel, 37, a St. Louis resident and active LGBTQ member.  “Those people thought they were safe, and they weren’t.”

The shooting stirred some caution in St. Louis, as noted by John Oberkramer, co-owner of the Just John Gay nightclub in The Grove.  The bar had an off-duty police added to its security, and additional bodyguards for the weekend of Pride St. Louis.

But, overall, the community has rejoined for bar attendance, and plans to keep enjoying themselves at openly establish gay bars.

Contributing Editor: Alexandra R. Fasulo