St. Louis County homeowners can get a look at their property value

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 25, 2017 (STLRealEstate.News) The St. Louis County assessor’s office, this past Wednesday, announced that property owners in the county can now view preliminary property values.  The values will continue to be assessed until June 1, when the tax roll is certified.  Unlike previous years, the availability of these preliminary rates will help homeowners to get a better idea of what taxes they can expect, as well as what property value they have in possession.  It will help contribute to promoting healthy selling and buying in the St. Louis real estate market.

“We are encouraged by early numbers showing an increase in values across the county but we know there may be variances in some of our data so we encourage property owners to contact our office,” County Assessor Jake Zimmerman said in a statement on Wednesday (March 22nd).

When the values were last assessed for properties back in 2015, they showed a lower percentage compared to today.  The median property value of residential real estate across the county increased 7.3 percent, up from 2.3 percent this time in 2015. Zimmerman went on to say, “Unlike previous reassessment cycles, the increase in real estate values is not just confined to specific neighborhoods or affluent parts of the community.  We are seeing it in all communities in our county – this is a great sign for the health of our market.”

Commercial property owners will receive notices by June regarding the assessment changes and projected tax liabilities.  Residential property owners will receive the notice one month prior in May, noted the assessor’s office this week.

For everyone intent on taking advantage of the early property value viewing, the values can now be viewed right online: The office provided a phone number for people with questions or concerns regarding their preliminary estimate: 314-615-4500.  For commercial property owners, call: 314-615-4984.