South Dakota Governor Noem Signs Tax Reforms

South Dakota Governor Noem Repeals Concealed Carry Fees, Signs Tax Reforms and “Open for Business” Bills into Law

PIERRE, SD (STL.News)  Governor  Kristi Noem has signed tax reforms and “Open for Business” bills into law, including SB 212, which repeals all concealed carry fees for South Dakota residents.

“It will not cost you a penny to exercise your Second Amendment rights in South Dakota,” said Governor Noem.  “We are guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of our people, including the freedom for South Dakotans to conduct business as they see fit.  We are continuing to promote “Open for Business” policies, and our tax code will reflect that for as long as I am Governor.”

Governor Noem also signed the following 13 tax reforms and “Open for Business” bills:

  • SB 31 makes an appropriation to the Department of Labor and Regulation for the modernization of the reemployment assistance enterprise system.
  • SB 98 adds an exemption from the calculation of adjusted gross proceeds from gaming.
  • SB 162 revises the discretionary formula for reduced taxation of new structures and residential property.
  • SB 165 exempts gross receipts of certain coaches from certain gross receipts taxes.
  • SB 188 allows for unlicensed businesses to store alcoholic beverages.
  • HB 1014 makes an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability.
  • HB 1051 amends certain provisions relating to the small business credit initiative fund.
  • HB 1102 reduces the exempt commercial policyholder aggregate premium requirement.
  • HB 1173 includes a common paymaster as within the meaning of employing unit.
  • HB 1271 provides for remote work for employees of money lending licensees and mortgage lender businesses.
  • HB 1284 increases household income thresholds for a paraplegic tax reduction.
  • HB 1322 provides for the direct sale of certain home-produced or home-processed foods and food products.
  • HB 1325 revises the classification of agricultural land according to soil type.

Governor Noem has signed 212 bills into law and vetoed one this legislative session.