Real Estate Attorney Long Island, Markotsis & Lieberman P.C., Explains What To Ask Your Landlord When Signing A Lease

HICKSVILLE, N.Y. (STL.News) – The act of signing a lease for the first time can be daunting, especially if one doesn’t know the questions to ask. To streamline the process for landlords and tenants alike, Real Estate Attorney Long Island, Markotsis & Lieberman P.C., explains what to ask your landlord when signing a lease.

“By which method is rent paid?”

When renting property, it’s expected that a certain amount is paid on a regular basis, monthly being the most common billing cycle. A landlord will have their own way of collecting rent, which is why it behooves a potential tenant to ask about this as early as possible. Some will accept compensation in traditional and digital methods alike, while others strictly accept checks, cash, or PayPal transactions. In any regard, before signing a lease, this should be inquired about.

“What utilities are included in the lease?”

Common household utilities include, but aren’t limited to, gas, water, electricity, and cable. These services are useful, if not essential, when deciding on property to rent, so it’s important to ask the tenant about utilities that are included in the paperwork. Apartments may be required to provide utilities, depending on the specific type of property, but it’s worth asking about ahead of time. If there are utilities that are left out, but aren’t seen as essential, a tenant may consider footing the bill themselves.

“Are pets allowed?”

For tenants that have pets, this is an essential query, as it can have a considerable impact on whether a lease is signed. Some landlords will allow pets under certain conditions. For example, a pet may only be allowed up to a certain size. Furthermore, if pets are allowed, there may be a limit to two per tenant. Not only will this topic impact a potential tenant’s decision to rent, but a landlord may deny an application on the grounds of pet ownership. This is another area where one should conduct research ahead of time.

“What does the lease entail in regard to early release?”

There is extensive planning that goes into the lease signing process, but this doesn’t mean that early release from said lease is unheard of. For example, one may have to back out of the lease due to a family emergency, meaning that they won’t be able to move in as intended. This is another topic that varies between landlords. Most landlords allow for early release if necessary, so for those looking to rent, inquire about early release so that the unexpected can be prepared for.

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